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The Beautiful Corrs (SMTV Live)

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Cat: Sometimes I wonder why no one else is so determined and dutiful, to make themselves look oh so pretty, it doesn’t take much to be absolutely beautiful.
(What can I do?) To be more lovely. (What can I do?) To be more fit. (what can I do?) To be more stunning. (How do you get) this beautiful anyhow?

Off: The beautiful Corrs !
Ant: Hello, we’re the beautiful Corrs. I’m the stunningly beautiful Sharon.
Cat: I’m the outstandingly beautiful Andrea.
Dec: I’m the breathtakingly beautiful Caroline.
Fake Jim: And I’m the not so beautiful Jim.
Ant: Shut your face there Jim, remember the rules. Silence in the presence of beauty.
Cat: You know people often ask us: how come you’re so beautiful? (beautiful) And we always turn around and say: how come you’re not?
Dec: People often ask us: how can we be as beautiful as the beautiful Corrs? (the beautiful Corrs) And we say to them: everybody is beautiful, just most people aren’t as beautiful as us the beautiful Corrs.

Off: The beautiful Corrs !
Ant: Hello, we’re the beautiful Corrs. I’m Sharon.
Cat: I’m Andrea.
Dec: I’m Caroline.
Fake Jim: And I’m…
Cat: Not allowed to speak because you’re not as beautiful as we are.
Dec: That’s right Jim, we’ve left you with the host, don’t ruin anyway by trying to draw attention to yourself. Not that you could when you’re sitting next to us.
Ant: we really are that beautiful.
Cat: Beautiful!
Dec: but we don’t know it that makes us even more beautiful.
Cat: Don’t take the bag off Jim, you’ll only upset the viewers.
Fake Jim: Please let me take the bag off, just once, I’ll try not to break the cameras.
Dec:Alright Jim you can take the bag off.
Fake Jim: But that about the other bag?
Cat: Shut your mouth you big daft idiot! You’re far too bland.
Dec: The viewers want to look at us for a moment before we go to the break.
Cat: There now, wasn’t that a treat?

Off: The beautiful Corrs !
Cat: Hello, we’re the beautiful Corrs.
Ant: Beautiful we are.
Cat: Beautiful. We’ve had some complaints the fact that we don’t let Jim come along with us because, that’s because he’s not beautiful enough.
Dec:And we really are very very beautiful.
Cat:Very beautiful. So we’ve brought Jim with us today.
Fake Jim: Hi there!
Cat: No, don’t say anything Jim, your voice isn’t beautiful either.
Fake Jim: I’m sorry.
Cat: There you go again, shut your mouth. People don’t want to hear you and they certainly don’t want to see you and don’t be playing for sympathy either.
Ant: Now then, we’ve got about 10 seconds left before the break, so why don’t all you lucky people at home treat yourselves and spend the time having a good look at our beautiful faces.
Dec: Lucky lucky people, you!

Cat: Hello and welcome to the beautiful world.
Cat: Of the beautiful Corrs.
Ant: You know, a lot of people say to us, hey you, you're beautiful!
Ant: Beautiful Corrs. Is your beauty skin deep? And we say, of Corrs not.
Dec: Even our internal organs are beautiful.
Ant: Even our pets are beautiful. This is my beautiful poodle.
Cat: This is my beautiful budgie.
Dec: And this is my beautiful pet tortoise
Jim: Hey, what about my pet hamster? Can I show it to the nice boys and the girls?
Cat: Ok Jim but be quick though cos you're not very beautiful.
(Beautiful. Tragic!!)
Ant: That’s tragic Jim.
Andrea: Excuse me, do you mind telling us what do you think you are doing?
Cat: Well, what, we're sorry, Andrea, it was all Dec's idea! was... Dec's idea. Dec you stupid idiot, what do you think you were doing?!! To come up with a stupid idea like this, didn't you realize they would be offended.
Ant: I'm not Dec! He’s Dec, I'm, just sorry, I'm really sorry.
Sharon: Do you really think that's what we're like?
Caroline: I mean, we have feelings you know, do you think we like being portrayed as bimbos?
Cat: No. no, well, we're sorry...
Andrea : Just get out!!!!! Take those silly wigs off and go and think about what you have done!
(sorry Andrea, sorry Caroline, sorry Sharon, sorry Corrs...)
Sharon: God, that's so offensive.
Caroline: I know, how rude. But we are incredibly beautiful.
Andrea: Beautiful.
Sharon: Beautiful. We are.
Jim: Hey! What about me? Can I take this dreadful bag off my head?!
Andrea: Go on then, Jim. Set your beauty free.
Sharon: Hang on Jim, on second thought, don't. Cause, you're not as beautiful as we are.
Andrea: Come on then, grab a closer look, you know you want to.
Caroline: Beautiful.

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