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Interview Télé Party in the Park 2004

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Anita Rani: Welcome back to Party in the Park for the Prince’s Trust here on FIVE. Now we’ve got some family business in the garden. Along with Blue they hold the record for the most appearances here at Hyde Park and they’ve just had a number one album, it’s the Corrs! Welcome family!
Sharon: Hi!
Anita Rani: How are you?
Alex Zane: So, I’m gonna get this right: Andrea, Caroline, you’re definitely Jim, this should make you Sharon, am I correct?
Sharon: Yeah absolutely right!
Alex Zane: Do I have a round of applause?
Sharon: Well done !
Anita Rani: Perfect ! Well done for getting the names right.
Alex Zane: It was all in here. No, I know you anyway. Have you seen anyone you’ve been truly impressed with today? As veterans of this event you must have seen a lot of acts.
Anita Rani: Indeed.
Sharon: I thought Lemar was great today, [?]was really really great I think… dying to see Lenny Kravitz, absolutely dying to see him.
Anita Rani: Are we all! Are we all! You are… like Alex, Alex that’s your name? who are you? You are veterans; this is your 4th year here, is it? How was it this time? Is it still as exciting as the first time around?
Jim: It’s always quite an adrenaline rush you know, cos you don’t get a sound check. It’s a rush, you get out there, you just do it and it’s always great fun. You get such an adrenaline rush from doing this type of show, it’s very very enjoyable but you come off stage after the 5th number and you’re wishing… god it’s over I wish we could have done some more. It’s always the way it is
Anita Rani: How is it playing to the crowd here because you must have been so used to playing to millions and millions of people all over the world?
Caroline: this crowd was always great. I think people want to come out and have a great day. They’ve got non-stop music all day long, a lot of different bands doing generally all their hits so it kinda can’t be any better than that. So it’s a great day.
Alex Zane: As an Irish family band - a band from Ireland made of family members - just in case you weren’t clear on that definition – why do you think you’ve succeeded where a band like B*Witched failed?
Andrea: Oh! What a question !
Alex Zane: I was just being frivolous and vexatious. I apologize.
Anita Rani: Do you remember who was on the bill with you in 1998? cos I have a little list here.
Andrea: I don’t actually remember.
Anita Rani: I’m not sure about the Spice Girls, but Del Amitri, All Saints, B*witched – you’re favourite – Boyzone, Des’ree, Gary Barlow, Connor Reeves, Louise, The Mavericks, Ultra Nate, Tina Arena, where are they now? You are still here, they where? What’s it about the Corrs that means that you keep coming back and the others just disappear.
Andrea: Maybe we’re addicted to it I don’t know. You know we just like playing music, we like writing it and I suppose that’s just basically it. We made a new album so you wanna go out and tour it, you wanna play it because you’re passionate about it, you know. That’s all I can really say. And people seem to relate to the songs. We stayed away from the denim the also.
Alex Zane: You know, “C’est la vie!” they were awful. Guys, thank you very much for joining us. I just wasn’t a fan; I’m a fan of you though. I’m gonna keep digging, while I keep digging, whatever you enjoy you’ll enjoy this.

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