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Rove Live Interview - 16 Octobre 2001

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Rove McManus: My next guests are probably the most famous musical family since the Partridges. They have gone Platinum in over 20 Countries. They join us now. Please welcome Jim, Andrea, Sharon and Caroline. The Corrs!

Rove McManus: How are we all doing? Oh have a seat.

The Corrs: Great - Very good.

Jim: Tired, but very good.

Rove McManus: Now this is like your unteenth millionth time to Australia. Do you just love the country now?

Sharon: Yeah, it's great. I mean it's wonderful. We find that it's a very similar atmosphere here in Australia and people are very similar to the Irish. So we feel really really at home here. I think we've been here maybe 8 or 9 times now.

Rove McManus: And you know the country well now? There's no problems, you understand the lingo and what we mean?

Caroline: Yeah, we've got it!

Rove McManus: What was one of the first things when you came here the first time, that you thought 'ooh that's a strange term, where did that come from'?

Sharon: Crook! That's really strange. As in ill.

Rove McManus: Oh like crook in the guts.

(all laugh)

Andrea: We had a good education with Neighbours. I mean that did reach us at home.

Sharon: Craig actually educated us at home.

Rove McManus: Was it very cool seeing Craig back?

Sharon & Caroline: It was brilliant! great!

Rove McManus: Did you recognise him without his mullet?

Caroline: Barely.

Andrea: I kinda miss the mullet!

Rove McManus: Oh really?

Andrea: Yeah.

Rove McManus: And the overalls too, I'm sure.

(all laugh)

Rove McManus: Now you also got your Best Of Album out now. Um, is it hard to choose what songs go on a best of album?

Caroline: Well, umm....

Jim: It's pretty hard yeah, but it's kind of pretty self explanatory cause certain songs were hits for us on various different albums of ours. So it kinda made sense to do a compilation at this stage and also put a couple of new tracks on it and so that's what we did.

Rove McManus: There were no fights, a bit of squabbling over "oh I like this one better" or "I sound better on this one"?

Jim: Occasionally.

Caroline: Yeah most of the time.

Rove McManus: So there are squabbles, even for siblings? Obviously families fight anyway but when you're touring all the time you get no rest or respite?

Caroline: Yeah well I mean it's kinda a crazy situation I think, to be constantly on the road with your family all the time. I think people think we're weird or something that we're still doing this.

The Corrs: We are weird (laughing).

Caroline: Yeah, but you know, it works for us and we've made it work over the years even though it hasn't been easy all the time and of course we fight.

Rove McManus: So who's got the most annoying habits?

Caroline: Umm, Jim!!

Sharon: I think we all annoy each other.

Rove McManus: What does Jim do? What do you do Jim?

Jim: I don't know! What do I do? (looks at his sisters)

Rove McManus: Is it a boy thing? Is it a toilet seat thing? Is that the problem?

Andrea: Yeah, we give him his own private room there.

Rove McManus: Just as well. Now talking about how you guys deal with Australia and how we deal with Ireland. Do you think we have a bad perception? I mean do you guys do the Riverdance, cause that thing is just crazy, I don't understand it? (Caroline laughs) Is everybody Riverdancing in Ireland? Are we lead to believe you all do it. You have Shamrocks and little leprechauns, you all do it and it's all 'ahh top of the mornin to you'.

Andrea: Well that's how we actually traditionally get out of bed in the morning. You know, the costume just goes on and off you go fleeting to breakfast!

(All laugh)

Rove McManus: Have you ever Riverdanced before, any of you guys?

Caroline: No, bad at it.

Rove McManus: Good! Excellent!

Andrea: No, that was why I left school.

Rove McManus: Now ahh, you are probably all seen as being the most beautiful people in the world. You've got very good Corrs genes happening there. Do you get tired of being seen as just immaculate, gorgeous people? What about you Jim, let's not deny it?

(Jim laughs)

Sharon: Ahh the thing is, that's just kinda way out there for us because we do what we do. We do music, we play music and we write music and we love that. I mean if people want to think of us that way, we're hardly gonna think it's a bad thing. You know that's fine. But it really means very little.

Rove McManus: Well I wouldn't mind it if people went around all day saying I was good looking.

Sharon: Well you're not bad either.

Rove McManus: Thank you very much! Well what I like is you seem to have a bit of fun in your latest film clip. I actually saw it for the first time yesterday and there's a little grab I would like to show now, for those of you that haven't seen it, let's have a look at it now!

[Would you be happier (Extrait clip)]

Rove McManus: Alright, how much fun was that?

Jim: It was fantastic. It was so much fun. It gave us an opportunity to step completely into a totally different role. You know in terms we were suddenly a punk band or we were a heavy metal band. It was wonderful to do that.

Rove McManus: Were you worried about maybe offending anybody, cause as we say in Australia, you were taking the piss out of a lot of bands with the way you were acting?

(Caroline laughs)

Andrea: No!

Sharon: Well I think that anybody that does that has gotta be up for it anyway, don't you think?

Rove McManus: Yeah, that's true. Now one thing I'd like to point out is, I'm sure we all noticed it then, is Andrea's underarm hair. Let's have another look!

Rove McManus: And have a look now! Fantastic! Look it's all gone! Now did you consider actually growing your own hair?

Andrea: No, I just had the idea when I was in the chair and they were doing the whole lot on me and I was scratching my head and I said "hey there's something missing here". You know the whole masking tape thing and then all through the video it was kinda the thing - putting up my arm and going like 'fine'.

Rove McManus: Did it feel comfortable? Is it something you might try again in the future?

Andrea: Yeah well I kinda, I thought it was quite earthy you know and I thought it showed another kind of animalistic side to my character that I hadn't explored before.

Rove McManus: I might give it a go, cause I haven't reached puberty yet, so I don't know (all laugh), so I'll give it a go at some point. Now how do you go with fans? Are fans a little bit crazy? Like I know Andrea, you've had a situation before. You were on a ferry somewhere and you weren't feeling that well and someone come and bugged you for an autograph.

Andrea: Mmm, yeah well it was like when I was supposed to come over here the last time. We all were supposed to come over. I got a really bad inner ear infection and I had to get the Ferry home from Britain, we were doing a tour there. And I was very very sick because I was on antibiotics and also it was extremely stormy. So I went to the toilet and I was very very sick and I did what I had to do and I'm at the sink washing my hands you know, feeling terrible, really disgusting and this woman goes "oh god lovey, you're not well are ya". And I said "um, no no I'm feeling a bit seasick". She said "oh I don't get that, oh love, you wee pet. You wouldn't sign me an autograph would you?" And I kinda went "ahh I'll wash my hands first."

Rove McManus: Ahh very good. Autograph this! Well speaking of vomit, I heard you've done a very... oh well we are, let's not deny it. There was a rough gig you did for a British radio company or something and there was a bit of vomit action going on.

Caroline: Oh, that was a long time ago!

Sharon: We were just, well it seemed like forever we were trying to make it in the UK, so you always end up doing these show cases for people who are totally not interested in you whatsoever and we did this showcase one night. The record company had bought along these radio people and DJ's and that sort of stuff and proceded to get them totally steaming drunk out of their mind, so everyone was just mega drunk and we get up on stage and they were all ignoring us and it's just a pathetic gig. Anyway, I get off stage, we're finished and I'm going "well that was crap, terrible gig god" and there's this guy walking behind me and he's so drunk that he actually vomited the whole way down the back of my hair and at my back. And I kind of thought "You know, you try and do a gig and you get vomited on. I mean, what's that about?"

Rove McManus: It's like a review, it's hard to tell. Well you guys will be back to perform later in the show and I promise I will keep it all down, but very quickly before you go, we have a little gift for you. You probably weren't aware, but your album sales in Australia have gone platinum 4 times for In Blue (All - Oh wow). So what we have, I've got one of these for each of you, it's got a picture of all of you and it's a special commemorative plaque to say congratulations 4 times platinum in Australia, there you go, so congratulations.

The Corrs.....ladies and gentlemen! They will be back later! (applause)

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