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Talk On Corners Documentary

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[Brit Awards Performance: Haste to the Wedding]
Andrea:One, two, three, four !
Rosie: Number 1 in Europe, selling stadiums all over the world.
Host of Total Request Live: you guys are one of the biggest signed artists in the world. Let’s have it once more for the Corrs.
Host of the Brit Awards: the Corrs ladies and gentlemen.
Host of CNN: The Corrs !
Host: The Corrs !
Sharon:The biggest challenge for us at the moment is break the States.
Sharon: Morning ! (morning)
Caroline: Hi ! (morning)
Jim: Morning!
Andrea: Morning! (morning)
Andrea: Performance to me on stage that is exactly what we went into this for, what I went into this for.
Caroline: I think a performance gets exciting when the audience gets excited. So as soon as they start taking over a bit crazy, you just get very excited on stage and your adrenaline gets higher and you’re probably playing faster ! You know, just having a good time.
Andrea: Music is about freedom of expression, it’s about expressing what you naturally feel or what naturally comes to your mind.
Caroline: we just wanna get up there and play the instruments, play the songs.
Andrea: It’s brilliant that we can play together, get on the stage, have the same dreams, sharing that, it’s fantastic.
Sharon: we’ve been playing all over the world for so many years now that it has just become very natural to us.
Andrea: Music is something what I’m fortunate enough to be able to do, to get on stage, to play music, to write songs, it’s fantastic.
Jim:There is a key to success in any business, we think and it’s just perseverance, no matter what.
Sharon: I think the biggest challenge for us at the moment is break the States, we’ve already broken the UK and the rest of the world, it’s kind of like the final frontier here.
Andrea: I think we were absolutely completely and utterly naïve, we had no idea really what we were getting into. That naiveté is what kept us going. We are nine years on now, the success is so overwhelming, it’s incredible.
[Runaway Remix]
When we released our first album, Forgiven not Forgotten, we really toured, and went everywhere with it and basically sold it ourselves but we ended up selling over 2 million albums and that was our debut CD, so this year with Talk On Corners our new album.
[So Young]
We just got a Brit Award recently, for Best International Group, the tour that we just did was insane, six Wembley arenas, so to go that circle, and go around, after this it’s fantastic.
We didn’t know that we’d get that big, we hoped and dreamt of course because without that I don’t think it would have happened, but we hope it’ll happen here now too.
Something so sweet about a family band. And I suppose there is, but it seems (Sharon: so safe) so adorable and safe and clean and (Caroline: and nice) nice, and now it is I suppose.
[What Can I Do]

Caroline: But we didn’t really know what we were doing. I don’t think many bands do know what they’re doing. I think we went in studio, we knew we could write and we knew we wanted to write music and that’s why we had a small eight-track studio in a small bedroom. That’s all we did for quite a long time; it was quite claustrophobic I remember.
Sharon: Jim was hyperactive growing up.
(Jim: Hullo !)
Jim:I was just very very lazy, and there still is that side to me, I have to force myself to do things.
Sharon:He’s not lazy
Andrea: We’re a very very happy family. We all get on well.
Sharon was the serious one in her room.
(Sharon: I look like a rock star.)
To me as a kid, messy, she was, all was lovely.
(Sharon: Yes sure.
Jim: Rock chick)
Jim:Andrea always loved a good laugh, always joking around, having a good laugh, not always in the best of taste.
(Andrea: she doesn’t mean that.)
Andrea: My childhood’s memories are of myself and Caroline, that’s basically because Sharon had her own friends and last thing she wanted to see was her little sisters coming after her.
Jim: Andrea growing up was constantly any time you’d come in to the living room where my stereo was, she’d have maybe my records on, she scratched my records, she would be constantly pumping, that is the way she used to practise her singing, she’d be sitting in a chair, listening to her favourite record at the time and just pumping away to this music and singing.
Sharon: We just last year covered a song by Fleetwood Mac, it was something that our parents listened to years and years ago, we covered a song called Dreams, it was a big hit for us in the UK.
It might be an easy road to push the sex, if you just want just to last a year or a season, if you just want to be a fashion or a trend, I don’t look in the mirror going, wow I’m so sexy, I just have to get out there and push the sex. No, I’m a violin player, I like to play the violin, we all play instruments, we like to play music. Sexiness is not just body, sexiness in the eyes, it’s in your manner and it’s your laugh.
[Joy of Life]

Andrea: To be among those bands from Ireland and the music of Ireland I think has always had an integrity and bands like U2 and Van Morrison, everybody did something that was particularly honest to them I find, and yet, we’re not really that comparable, except we are singing songs, with lyrics and melodies and everything like that and we’re Irish.
Sharon: I think when you leave Ireland and you watch the news and you see the bombings and the political troubles in Northern Ireland, you almost become more aware of it because when you are living very close to it , it’s almost like everyday life. But maybe I’m an optimist, I always feel that it will come through and in the last few years it really has been wonderful, it has been a terrific sense of peace.
[O Holy Night at the Vatican]

Caroline: One, two, three, four !
Host: Ladies and gentlemen, the Corrs !
Rosie: Please welcome the amazingly gorgeous Corrs.
Tell me what’s your names.
And I’m Jim
And Sharon
Rosie: we’re just blown away by these people.
[Haste to the wedding]

All: Hi, we’re the Corrs, it’s still number 1, it’s Top of the Pops.
Rosie: Just finished touring with the Rolling Stones.
Host: “we’re in tour with the Stones for the moment”
Host CNN: What was it like to work with the Stones?
Rosie: A little awesome, a little overwhelming.
Host: what was it opening up with the Stones?
Andrea: It is brilliant.
Sharon:It was absolutely amazing.
Andrea: They are the best band in the world, they are phenomenal on stage and the audience has been really nice to us.
Sometimes I myself would tend to get a bit, my god it’s a huge star, I can’t speak. (Andrea: Keith Richards walking by !)
Sharon: The Stones, they’re just kind of really cool and they’re just kind of hang out all day long. They were really nice and really really friendly toward us.
[I never loved you anyway]

Jim: When we were growing up I suppose, in terms of fights, we were like any normal family, we have our rows. (Jim: So here we are) I have come the first, I have come the first !
Andrea: He’s always gone first.
Jim: No I’m not, that’s not true, (Sharon: Ok right) ok let’s keep the domestic rows out of camera.
The girls anytime did row together, there was always somebody robbing clothes, ripping some beautiful clothing.
Caroline: Yeah we rowed at times. We always had each other, that has been one big bonus to the Corrs having eachother.
Sharon: We get on very well, even more so since we’ve struggled for a long time, struggling and things not going well can make you fight a bit more, makes you more irritable. [Caroline: it sucks ! Sharon: it sucks !]
Caroline: We have all taken our turns at being the trouble makers since we were kids. There might be somebody one way and then somebody else might break out, and do something weird or strange. It’s not one person in particular with us. [Jim: how exciting !]
Jim:Sharon is the one having this aversion to TV, she keeps throwing them out of windows.
Caroline: yeah sure.
Jim: I’m only joking.
Sharon: No I usually throw my brother out of the window.
Jim: That’s why my head is this shape it is.
Sharon: We communicate well with people, we like to talk and get on and that’s always more important than being number one in the charts, but we do like that too, so please! (Jim: So Caroline, everyone, everyone, what’s the story, everyone. Caroline: yes !)
Andrea: we’re a band and we’re a family and that family goes on the road, you meet a life that you never have expected (Caroline: We have about ten millions shows which is great. Sharon:and I’m tired) and you’re also overwhelmed by the fact that you’re actually growing up, you’re 19 and all of a sudden, stability, everything’s gone kind of wild, you’re moving all the time.

[When He’s Not Around]

Sharon:If you’re musicians, you like to play, and people can see that, you’re happy on stage, very happy. Very happy if you get a good response from the audience.
Caroline: We all kind of look around each other, knowingly that it’s a good gig.
Sharon:Until you hear the Corrs’ music, then you can put it in the box and you say that’s the Corrs’ music because that sounds like the Corrs and you know the Corrs.
Jim: Every one is very opinionated here. The whole writing process for us, it is difficult, there’s no doubt about that. The way that it works, it can be one or two people starting off with the initial foundation of the song, but at the end of the day, everybody contributes, each song is written by the four of us.
We’re trying to get some breakfast, you get up, make up and hair is done, then you’re starting with the interviews, it can be radio, it can be TV, we’ll hopefully get a bit of a lunch break though that doesn’t always happen, we’ll make sure at the venue at about four o’clock where we’ll do a soundcheck, then we get some dinner, then we’re on stage, we get changed of course to whatever we’re gonna wear on stage and then we do our gig.
[Toss the feathers] Hopefully we’re in our beds by 12 o’clock if we’re lucky.
Sharon:If I get two days off, three days off, and I’m working now for nine, ten years solid, I go home for those few days and I feel guilty about lying in bed, I nearly need a schedule to start working on again.
Andrea: Life is what is happening now, life is communication, and it’s about us all getting on and each moment, and this is the moment of the day, to live every moment and love it, that’s very important and that’s what I’m doing right now.

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