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Interview Des & Mel (ITV 2005)

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[My Lagan Love]

Mel: welcome back, we're here with the corrs
Des: we certainly are. Now before we go any further, we love that song, just beautiful
Mel: yes it is
Des: a little bit of irish here you know I'm an O'connor. What's this Mr Wogan calls you? what's his nickname for you guys?
Sharon: bag of spanners!!
Des: Bag of spanners?! why does he call you that?
Sharon: I dunno. he came up with it one day and I think people were saying maybe how pretty we were, he go he just said something like: "we’re all bag of spanners"
Des: and then he keeps it up, doesn't he?
Sharon: Oh absolutely, it's great, we love it
Mel: But only he can get away with that. He's a cheeky chappy.
Des: Jodie recorded a song called "temporary madness" and everytime... about twelve time... He kept call it "Tipperary madness ". He just made his own title.
Sharon: He does, he does, that's him

Mel: Now as we said, before the break, we heard your new track and it's absolutely beautiful, are the songs on the album all traditional Irish music? Is that what you've come back to? a little bit of that
Caroline: yeah, I mean it really is for us, it's songs we're grew up listening to and that, you know, we were inspired by when we were younger and it actually we originally found a songbook of our mother's and our father's cause they used to play together and it kinda of inspired us to do this kind of record. we really felt like we needed to do something a little bit different for us and feel inspired again to do something else. It's all, it's all traditional Irish songs, yeah most of it and traditional instrumentals as well
Mel: It's very nice
Des: you've been around the world 15, is it? Is it really 15 years? in all these gigantic arenas, it must be fantastic... some of the biggest: Celine Dion
Mel: U2
Des: U2
Mel: as well
Des: When you're on tour, I'm gonna ask, who's in charge? who's the boss? there's one fellow here, Jim?!
Jim: and 3 girls! (laughs) we've a lot of fun on the road, I think and you know the common unifying thing that we have is our love of music
Andrea: and our love of violence!
Jim: and violence (laughs) but it's funny, it becomes as you well imagine quite a blur the amount of travelling that we've been doing and the working intensively, the jet lag and all of that, we're just about to release a new dvd which is called " all the way back home" and it's a documentary right from the beginning and we've all been watching this to... because we're gonna be asked questions on it obviously and it's incredible what we've actually done (laughs)
Andrea: you know we need to watch it to remember what we did.
Jim: yeah! cos you tend to forget so much, don't you? I certainly forgot so much of it
Mel: But there is something lovely about being with your siblings on tour as well cause I was thinking early how nerve-wracking is to go on stage but if you’re with your brothers and sisters, is this some sort of comfort in that?
Caroline: For some.
Jim: It wouldn't work for everyone, that's for sure
Sharon: It could go badly wrong for some people, you know
Des: do you quibble up? do you have a little?
Sharon: of course we do
Des: And you come up and say "what were you doing?"
Sharon: absolutely, yeah, yeah of course
Caroline: What was that about?
Mel: And is that all in the documentary? cause you know that’s what everybody always wants to see
Sharon: It's very human the documentary, I mean when you see it. It's very human and there is something very innocent about it as well you know because when we started it off we were very young and we tried everything and we did everything and we put a heart into it and that's something very human about the whole thing.
Mel: When we get hold of this dvd?
Sharon: 17th, I think, this month

Des: I don't wanna let this go Jim, you don't have to.... sorry to you. do your 3 sisters lord!... I had one, she's still they gang upon you? was there ever time when any of them started to vet your girlfriend in this: "I don't like her", did they do that?
Jim: vet my girlfriend?
Des: did they ever give you an advice or they wouldn't go there?
Jim: no, not really
Mel: "Wouldn't go there!" (laughs) it sounds so crass.
Des: I'm a bit, when I’m talking about a situation like this, I mean kinda she's not for you? Kind of like 3 mums telling you "not good enough for you boy!"
Jim: I think maybe there was once or twice...
Sharon: There was!
Jim: ...the girls would have possibly done that, but in terms in ganging up on me maybe when they did I deserved it (ohhh)
Sharon: Oh that's good!

Des: How much of a surprise was the MBE? suddenly here you are, you are awarded four of you MBEs, How much of a surprise out of you?
Andrea: It was, it was mad! I mean, that's not, I think that you go through life especially being Irish that you think is ever gonna happen so it was really, I mean we were phoned up about it and we just thought: "that's crazy but we're irish"... and they said that's why it’s honorary. It's real honour and it's a lovely thing, we have sold a lot of records here and toured here.
Des: like all around the world.
Andrea: yeah but Britain has been really good to us, you know, I just think it's lovely to see that that support was recognized and… anyway it’s mad though !
Jim: It's really nice to see the charity work that we did, the voluntary work that we did recognized. it was lovely you know

Mel: Now Sharon you're pregnant!
Sharon: yeah
Mel: you don't look... how many months are you?
Sharon: I would cleverly disguise once again today. I'm a couple of months. I'm still quite early on it.
Mel: congratulations
Sharon: thank you
Mel: Do you know what you’re having?
Sharon: I haven't a clue. I'm not gonna found out either. I don't want to know. I want the surprise.
Des: It would be musical, I guess. Oh I have this word to tell because you could be starting... because your mum and dad
Caroline: oh no don’t do that
Andrea: don’t even think about it
Sharon: The nightmare continues
Des: the third generation
Jim: Corrs juniors
Sharon: the revenge
Mel: you've already got 2 children. haven't you? how old are your two?
Caroline: I've one that's 2 and half. he's nearly3 and she's a year
Mel: and what about the 3 and half old, does he sort of pick up any instrument, is he…?
Caroline: No I mean not yet. He listens to music and all that, but he's not quite at that stage yet. yeah he enjoys it you know
Des: good luck to you
Mel: lovely to see you
Des: I see you're doing some film work these days. This is just some talented group, thank you for joining us today. The Corrs! thank you very much

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