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Interview Lorraine Kelly - GMTV (2005)

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Lorraine Kelly: Now of course, they are Ireland's most famous quartet, they've achieved phenomenal success all over the world, The Corrs are back with a brand new album and single which was inspired by their late mum Jean. Sharon, Jim, Caroline and Andrea join me now and it's great to see you, really good to see you.
Sharon: It's good to see you too.
LK: It’s been too long!
Sharon: It has been a while, yeah!
LK: Whose idea was this... it was you, wasn't it Caroline? It was your idea to sort of in a way go back to your roots almost.
Caroline: We kind of... it was a sort of in our heads a lot... throughout our career, that at some stage, we would do something like a traditional record, whether that would be instrumental, just purely instrumental traditional, or songs, we didn't know, but... and I think it just felt like the right time, I mean I think I remember saying, I don't know, it was just after we did the last record which is Borrowed Heaven, and said to the guys "what about? maybe this is the right time to do this traditional record that we wanted to do". It felt like the right time so we just got straight into the studio and did it. This is a quick one for a change, a quick Corrs’ record!

LK: yeah I know that's true. Sometimes it can take of you way old... And this was inspired by your mum in a way, and your dad must be really happy then, what does he think about the album, has he heard it? obviously he must have.
Jim: He loves it,
LK: I bet he does!
Jim: He absolutely loves it, a lot of the songs...
LK: there's Daddy.

[a picture of Gerry Corr is shown]

Sharon: ooooh! He's gonna be surprised seeing that!
LK: We don't see him very often. He's a quiet man, isn’t it? He must love that.
Jim: He does! A lot of the songs, he used to perform himself with my mother, like Spancill Hill and Peggy Gordon and we went through one of her own songbook with the hand-written lyrics in it when we were searching the songs and picked a few out of it.

LK: It’s very bitter sweet I would have thought. I mean it's a lovely thing to do, but quite hard that she's not here to see it. It is just really sad. That's the only sadness about it, I suppose. And couple Gaelic songs in there as well.
Caroline: yeah, two in Gaelic.
LK: Excellent! Good Stuff. Looking forward to that... I hear you're expanding the band though, in a way... you've got something to tell, you've got a tiniest baby's wee bump.
Sharon: I do! I have a little baby bump yeah
LK: it's gorgeous!
Sharon: I think I'm expanding the band.
LK: Are you feeling ok?
Sharon: I'm felling a little bit of morning sickness from time to time, but no, actually I feel the healthiest I have in years, it’s certainly a time for detoxing.
LK: it’s when you start looking after yourself it’s crazy, isnt it?
Sharon: You can’t do anything bad at all, it's amazing
LK: pure living, that's for sure.
Sharon: very boring
LK: you already of course, you've got two kids. you've already got two children, why, can you just say what the oldest is, quite get know of it .
Caroline: my oldest is two and a half, my youngest is now one
LK: you're going to have to have a crèche when you go out on tour, just for your babies it would be very good.
Caroline: exactly! A bus for the babies or something like that. I don't know about that.
LK: congratulations!
Sharon: Thank you very much!
LK: That's really excellent! it's great that you can, you know, obviously, all so close you can have the kids, it doesn't interrupt what you do. In fact, in a way, I guess sometimes it makes you better in what you do.
Sharon: I think it does, I think it makes you really really appreciate it, I don't think anything should get in the way of... or needs to necessarily get in the way of something that you love, I mean children are an absolutely an amazing thing and it's really probably what we're here most to do, you know, but we can certainly work the music around.
LK: absolutely!
Sharon: It has been no problem, we've recorded two albums since Caroline had two babies and we've toured so it's not a problem.

LK: Exactly! That's really good. And Andrea, as well, your career’s going from strength to strength, why it’s like with you is, you've done an awful lot of acting, very very quietly, you've just been doing it, there has been no "tada". It's just been you doing what you do. Is that been deliberate?
Andrea: It kind of is because I'm a little bit cringe about "singer-turns-actress". I kinda get embarrassed about it.
LK: People want to label you now , don’t they?
Andrea: Because it wasn't in a whim, I didn't wake up and go "ooh why don't I try this?" so ... you know I have wanted it for a long time.. we haven't really been... I mean obviously, the music was all consuming it, with no regrets, I love that, but I have time to do it now so I am as well.
LK: good! excellent! and I know you've got a loving new man, but is he not in Australia?
Andrea: a loving old man now.
LK: Is he an old man?
Andrea: well no. he’s a few years now.
LK: I know, I thought you were saying he was like 70 or something, [a picture of Shaun Evans is shown] he is clearly not, look at that, that's a very handsome chap. But you know what, it’s a kind of long distance romance, he’s away?
Andrea: It is! He's in Australia, he's doing a film out there so yeah, it's kind of long distance, but I'm kind of used to it.
LK: of course you are
Andrea: but I'm used to be the one leaving! That's a bit different.
LK: yeah! lots of phone calls I would imagine... It's not an awful long way but it's only a day.
Andrea: Oh?
LK: It's only a day on a plane going to Australia. Isn't it?
Andrea: oh if I went?
LK: yeah!
Andrea: yeah but I can't go. So it's few months.
LK: Do you e-mail, do you do all that?
Andrea: errrm well the film he's doing is called "the middle of nowhere" and he literally is in the middle of nowhere.
LK: So that’s really difficult.
Andrea: so he can't get it set up, but I've just recently learnt how to do that.
Caroline: You sound like you’ve recently learnt how to do email, oh my God! Don't tell them that.
LK: I used to email everybody, first when I was doing it. I used to email people, and them phone them up, and say "I've just emailed you, and that what I've said in it". So they're like: "what's the point? You stupid filly”. It's great to see you, it really does. The album is a cracker, you could be performing for us later as well?
Sharon: yes
LK: excellent! live too.
The Corrs: yeah!
LK: It's great to see you. thank you!

[Old Town]

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