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The Star - Relax (17 mars 2001)

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The Corrs turn the Big Apple green

Dundalk’s most famous exports are determined to crack American. In this exclusive, Andrea Corr reveals how they plan to do it…

Pop beauty Andrea Corr will turn New York green on St Patrick’s weekend. Andrea and the pop supergroup, the Corrs, will be seen by an estimated 200 million American viewers, as they are lined up to appear on a host of top TV shows.

The stunning siblings performed before 6,000 New Yorkers at the world famous venue, Radio City, last night.

This morning, she has an alarm call for 4am as the band begin a hectic round of interviews on programmes such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, MTV, VH1 and the Rosie O’Donnell Show.

It’s a big day for the band, but St Patrick’s Day was always a big event for the Corrs anyway. “It was always a special day in our house because St Patrick’s Day is Caroline’s birthday,” says Andrea.

“We always went to Mass together wearing our shamrock and then we’d come back and have a party for Caroline.

“It was also a big day because we were always off sweets for Lent, but St Patrick’s Day was the day we could break out again. I remember things like running down the garden to collect the shamrocks, only coming back with clover. St Patrick’s Day always holds happy memories for me,” she adds.

Andrea and her family never made it to Dublin for the big parade, which has fallen victim to foot-and-mouth disease this year.

“No, funnily enough, I don’t think we ever came to Dublin that day,” says Andrea. “It was a really big deal coming to Dublin – ‘the big smoke’ – anytime. Even now, when I’m living in Dublin, if we come on to O’Connell Street my heart starts beating faster – it really does.

“I always associate O’Connell Street with such excitement. Even with the kind of travel we do these days, I still get excited by it.

“Back in those days if we came to Dublin, we’d go home and have a rest for days after; it was such a big deal!”

However, the band find themselves far from O’Connell Street today as they set about wooing the Big Apple.

The siblings were thrilled when tickets for their Radio City gig were sold out in just 24 hours.

“It’s a momentous occasion for us,” Andrea declares. “Radio City is the American equivalent of Albert Hall, where it all began to take off for us in Britain. I dream of Radio City doing the same for us in America.”

However, Andrea has even bigger ambitions than Radio City. “We want to do Madison Square Garden,” she reveals. “We performed there supporting the Rolling Stones – we want to do it ourselves next time!”

Her dream may come true if America’s Billboard charts are any indication. The band’s latest single, Breathless, has entered the radio play charts at No 27 and their album, In Blue, has already gone platinum in there.

“We’ve done a lot of work in America and we’ve sold a million albums there, but in terms of the size of the States, that’s not huge. But it looks like it’s starting to take off this time. The promotional work is soul-destroying but I love gigging. If we could just do that all the time, I’d be very happy.”

The band’s father, Gerry Corr, is spending St Patrick’s weekend with his son and daughters in New York.

Gerry, whose beloved wife, Jean, died last year, has been spending increasing amounts of time on the road with the band.

“He’s a very strong man and I don’t know how he copes but he does,” says Andrea softly.

“The thing about Mammy is that she loved life and she struggled very hard to keep it even though she ultimately failed. It would be an insult to her to let ourselves go under.

“I think when we understood that, we turned the corner. She wouldn’t want us to waste what little time we’ve got. It really would be an insult to her life and her memory.”

America also marks a return to performing after a six-week break for the band. The Corrs were effectively grounded when Andrea developed a severe ear infection. But now they’re back with a bang.

All the while, Andrea’s sister Sharon prepares to get married this year. Her other sister, Caroline, meanwhile, has just broken up from a long-term romance.

However, Andrea, who has been voted one of the sexiest women in the world, insists she is still very eligibly single – much to the delight of men the world over.

“It would actually feel very funny saying I’m not single anymore.

“If I ever find someone, I’ll probably tell everyone and then it will be broken off the following day…

“I am a serial monogamist. If I fall in love, well then it lasts.”

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