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VH1 Online Interview (2001)

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What's your favourite track?

Sharon:It's kinda hard to pick one in particular, cos a lot of them, because we've all written them some of them can be very special to each of us. I think the one kind of unanimous one or outstanding one for all of us would be Runaway because it was our first release. It was the last song we'd written for Forgiven Not Forgotten, and the first release off the album, and since then it's just been a huge hit all across the world and we generally play it just totally acoustically and it's generally quite special each night we play it, so that one I think.

Caroline: I always like performing Only When I Sleep, I always enjoy that. It's the opener of our concerts generally and I always enjoy that one.

Jim: Well for me, we get great joy performing our own songs obviously in front of people and it's great to see people loving our songs and singing the lyrics back to us, but for me, after the dreadful events that took place in Northern Ireland where they killed a load of people...

Andrea: But that's not a song we've written though?

Jim: Yes, I know.

Andrea: You’re talking about REM?
Jim: Yes… Our songs?

Doesn't matter, any song.

Andrea: All right sorry ok. I also butt in on people when they're talking!

Jim: Which is very annoying!
No but you were glad to correct me, just in case I didn’t get what you meant, but you meant any song. I'll start that again, is that ok?

No just let it run.

Jim: Probably one of... obviously it's great to perform our own songs and it’s great to see people enjoying our songs and singing back the lyrics to us, but there is a special occasion and we were delighted to be able to contribute, and try and do something for the victims of this terrible atrocity that took place in Omagh in the north of Ireland. We got together with the producers of the biggest show in the Republic of Ireland and organised a special show dedicated to those victims. We performed an REM song, and it was called Everybody Hurts. That was very emotional to perform that song under those circumstances, and it will always remain very special for me because of that.

Andrea: Favourite song of ours that we've written, I like them all really for different reasons, some I don't like so much, but they're good on some levels. Some are kinda throw-away, but they're great live, it can happen like that. Runaway is very special because it was the beginning and it still gets emotional. When we did that tour of South East Asia recently it was amazing, all over the world they love that song, and it was our first single. I really... I like our songs, luckily enough.

Who's the biggest pop star amongst you?

Caroline and Sharon: Jim!

Caroline: I think he enjoys it a little bit more at times, he gets more of a kick out of it.

Sharon: More licence as a guy as well. Something about three sisters, they never look very poppy do they?

Who copes best with touring being away from home?

Sharon: Jim...Jim and Caroline.

Caroline: Yeah I quite like touring, I really do.

Why do you like it?

Caroline: It's not that I like being away from home but I get a great kick from being on stage, I feel comfortable being on tour. Yeah I get homesick like everybody else, but I love the whole adrenaline buzz, I love doing it.

Who's the biggest pop star amongst you?

Andrea: Oh God, I don’t know, I think that's one thing we’re quite reluctant in that area. It’s a great life we've been given by writing songs and everything, but I think we're quite reluctant pop stars in a way. We're not really at the parties drinking champagne, I mean like public parties with photographs being taken that is, we're doing our own kind of parties.

Who copes best with all the pressures, being pulled and pushed and having all the other commitments, who copes best with that kind of pressure?

Jim: You know when you're dealing with travelling across the globe as we do on a monthly basis, jet-lag is very difficult to deal with, particularly if you're say travelling from London and heading to Japan, your whole world is turned completely upside down, you're going to bed when you should be getting up and vice-versa. It's very difficult to do interviews under that kind of pressure, but we just get through it and we're so used to it at this stage. It's still a joy for us; we haven't grown tired of it.

Do you play practical jokes on each other and what sort of thing do you get up to?

Sharon: We were doing a video in New York once, definitely not the worst, actually pretty mild... em, actually I just thought of another one recently...

Caroline:What was that one?

Sharon: We were in, now let me think, Philippines and I went into the bathroom and I saw this thing in the toilet, it was actually half of a brown bagel..

Caroline: It was a bagel, pretending it's something else! whenever guys come into this room after us, there's this horrendous looking thing sitting in the toilet. Maybe you want to censor that one! Those are the type of things just the silliest jokes but they make you laugh.

Caroline: Very funny though.

How many arguments did you have about which tracks would be on the Greatest Hits album?

Sharon: One.

Caroline: Yeah, remarkably one, We've actually argued for so long for all of our lives that we came to the Greatest Hits and said who cares... no we didn't!

Sharon: It wasn't really an argument it was a discussion, we gave up arguing a long time ago, we got bored with it.

Jim: We actually didn't have any arguments about it, it was kinda to us self-explanatory which songs were gonna make it. We knew from playing live in all the cities across the globe which ones really appeal to people. We're aware that while people may have one or two of our albums they might not necessarily have all of the albums, so it was a good idea to put a selection of the best of the tracks from each of the albums onto it. Then it was a pretty tight schedule, we had to write two new songs for this, and one of the songs that was born out of it actually became the first single released off it, and that's called Would You Be Happier. To be honest we don't have that many arguments nowadays, we've kind of grown out of that phase.

Is there a sense of rivalry within the group when it comes to making decisions?

Caroline: I suppose decision making over the years, we're all pretty strong headed, we’re all pretty stubborn, we're not stubborn, but we all like to feel our opinion is valued in each and every one of us, so that would be the main thing that would cause in any way sort of "no I don't want to do that" or whatever. We do work it out, we've always been able to work it out.

You've been asked some really stupid questions in your time, which are you most sick of?

Caroline: We don't get as much ridiculous questions as we used to, we used to get absolutely ridiculous questions or the same one continually. Like "do you guys fight"...

Sharon: Or "where did you meet David Foster"?

Caroline: Yeah "where did you meet David Foster" who was our first producer; or someone always says to Jim "what's it like to be in a band with three sisters?" Now at this stage he's so just absolutely so tired of that question.

Sharon: He's actually charging people a tenner every time they ask that question, and he's giving it all to charity. I thought that was a great idea, every time they do it "you owe me a tenner!" cos he just gets that question, for him it’s like…

Caroline: He tries to answer it, that's how he copes with it, but you know...

Do you have special signals to help get each other out of bad situations?

Caroline: We kind of look at each other and go, a bit of a look.

Sharon: Body language, you usually find somebody very up-tight and they're always kind of leaning away, like they're on their way out the door. It's great now because we know when someone's having a really bad day and you just let them, and they'll get annoyed about the coffee being too cold, anything will faze them and sometimes you go "hey you're on bad form today, what happened to you?" Usually you just leave them and the next day they'll come back having had a good sleep and they’ll be fine.

Jim: It's kind of obvious if you're starting to stutter a bit and you're not quite sure where the thoughts are going to flow from, we just pick up on each other; it happens occasionally you just get stuck.

Andrea:We know if the person isn't going to like the question either, you know if it's going to be an urrgh question.

Jim: If it's another "how did you guys meet" question it's like "next question?"

What is your best trait?

Sharon: Putting up with these guys!

Caroline: I can never say what my best trait is, I don't know, I don’t know what my best trait is.

Sharon: Ask somebody else.

OK so what are Andrea's or Jim's best traits?

Sharon: I don’t know, I don't really have much of a perspective because we're together so much every single day, for most of our lives.

Caroline: She’s very funny.

Sharon: It's a difficult one, she’s very funny yeah, she makes everybody laugh a lot.

Caroline: Andrea can be very funny.

Sharon: She's great at mimicking people.

Caroline: Jim's good at practical jokes as well, that's all I can say.

What is Sharon's best trait?

Jim: Let me see, we're all quite similar being a family, we all tend to have the same traits. We're quite ambitious, we pay a lot of attention to detail in whatever we're doing whether it's being interviewed or whether it’s writing songs.

Andrea: As a person regardless of jobs and stuff like that, she’s a very generous person. She's a loving generous person, that would be her best trait.

And Caroline?

Andrea: Caroline's? She’s a loving generous person also. She's a very focussed person and quite clear-cut, which is an interesting trait. It's good, she can be quite black and white in things, which can clear up muddy minds.

What are your best traits?

Jim: I'm able to poke fun at myself, which I think is essential in this business particularly when you're in a band with three pretty good looking girls. I don't know, I love humour, I love wit. Humour and wit and comedy make me escape from what I'm doing. You know if you're involved in something that can be a little tedious, so I love to try and poke humour out of things.

They were talking about the bagel in a toilet trick that you did!

Jim: Oh God! The brown bagel let's not go there.

Andrea, what do you think is your best trait?

Andrea: I think I can make people laugh, I think I can brighten things up in a way. If people are down I can probably brighten them up, although I probably don't look like it today!

What is your worst trait?

Caroline: I can be very tentramental.

Sharon: Tentramental?

Caroline: Tentramental? Yeah, temperamental! I can sort of go ROOAAR sometimes !

I'm sure they love you for it.

Caroline: I don't know about that.

Sharon: I suppose I can get very frustrated, and if something is annoying me I get really in on it, and I can't surface from it until I resolve it and have some sort of clarity on it. I need to move it out of the way and then move on. I find it very hard just to walk away from stuff; I've been trying to learn how to do that for years, I’m calm.

Andrea's worst trait?

Caroline: She's always losing stuff, she’s losing her passport, or she’s losing her ticket. She says this herself, she just loses everything. She's actually got a bit better over the years, but for a while there you would literally pick stuff up after her.

Sharon: Everywhere, I'm surprised she didn't leave anything in here. Just every minute of the day she leaves a pair of glasses, her gloves or something behind her; it's just incredible.

And Jim?

Caroline: Sometimes the way he communicates can come across a little bit erm, what would you call it?

Sharon: He uses the wrong word.

Caroline: Yeah not his fault.

Sharon: And he won't realise then cos he’s trying to say something and meanwhile… but he uses the wrong word and it’ll come out as something out there that you'd never say to anybody. He does that quite a bit.

Jim: I don't know, there’s many, there’s so many of them, I can't pick one.

Andrea: A few of them, a good few of them; probably worst trait would be feeling a little out of control. I can't control my emotions, or I can’t control my eyes if they got to cry, so sometimes it bothers me. I want to have a discussion about something but I get frustrated and I cry. I hardly end up trying to get across what I wanted to say because then it's gone into an emotional route which is probably a bit annoying for other people if they're trying to have discussion with me, cos then I'll start to cry and then it's gone. Sometimes I find that annoying in myself but I can't help it. You know what I mean ?

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