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The A List - Irish Mirror (16-22 juillet 1999)

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Andrea’s army – The Corrs in concert
Hard on the heels of REM, the Corrs are set to play Lansdowne Road tomorrow. Lead singer Andrea Corr talks to the A List about the crowning glory to what has been a very big year for the group.

Corrs all set to score at Lansdowne Road
The all-conquering Corrs are home again. As they prepare for their biggest ever live show at Lansdowne Road tomorrow, Andrea talks exclusively to the A List’s PAUL MARTIN about yet another big day in the life of one of the most popular groups around.

The Corrs have had countless moments of glory over the past year, tomorrow’s concert at Lansdowne Road will be the biggest of them all.

The Dundalk family act have enjoyed a remarkable journey from small town folk singers to world music superstars in little more than a blink of the eye.

And this incredible journey will reach another milestone when they perform over 30,000 fans at our famous sporting venue.

Speaking exclusively to the A List, Andrea Corr said the Lansdowne Road gig will be the crowning glory on a memorable year.

“We’re all very excited about it,” she said. “I can’t believe how far we’ve come, it doesn’t get much bigger than playing at Lansdowne Road.

“We’ve done a lot of big gigs this summer from Glastonbury to Party in the Park in London, but this is on home territory and that has to make it the biggest of them all.”

On their way to the top, the Corrs have notched up a hit list to be proud of, blemished only by a recent collaboration with the Chieftains which only just scrapped into the top 40.

That’s easily forgotten though when you look at the likes of Thunder [note: Dreams], Runaway and What Can I Do.

“We struggled for a long time to make this happen, it wasn’t always sold out arenas and top ten hits,” recalls Andrea.

“There was a time when we couldn’t even et any play on the mainstream radio stations because we were classed as being too folky.

“We got embroiled in this mission to break through, thank goodness we made the right calls at the right time and managed to do it.”

Since hitting the big time, the Corrs have had to deal with the inevitable intrusions into their private lives.

Andrea, more than any of them, has had to endure a barrage of media attention.

There were those rumours about love affairs with Robbie Williams, hot dates with Huey from the Fun Loving Criminals and countless other stories.

“It does take a bit of getting used to,” acknowledge Andrea. “It’s just such a shocking thing to have those camera lenses flashed in your face.

“You walk out of a restaurant and off they go, I found it really shocking the first time it happened. It totally blinds you.

“At the same time I try not to let it get to me too much. It’s part of the business, it’s part of what we’ve had to get used to.

“At the end of the day I never asked anyone to write about my private life even before we were famous.

“I’ll not pretend that I like all the attention from the press, but at the same time I’m not running around complaining to everyone about it, that’s not the way it works.”

After their big homecoming tomorrow, the Corrs will get to work on their new album. “It’s going to be a crucial album for us, the big follow up,” says Andrea.

“We’re not feeling pressurised by it, although at the same time we are aware that it’s going to be an important part of our future.

“In many ways it’s no good to write a hit album, you have to be able to follow it up too.

“At one time no-one was paying any attention to our first two albums, then suddenly we got a bit of profile up and they both got to number one.

“It’s amazing how this business can work, you never know what’s going to happen next.

“I suppose in a year’s time we could be back to square one, or we might be even bigger than ever, it’s totally impossible to know.

“We just keep our heads down and work hard. We’ve never taken the easy way out, we’ve worked for every bit of success we get.”

Even amid the vast wealth that she has accumulated from fronting two number one albums, Andrea has managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

“I don’t spend lots of money, money isn’t something that motivates me,” she says.

“I prefer just relaxing at home in Dundalk, reading, going out for meals, the simple things of life.

“Some people really enjoy spending money, but that’s not really for me. I wouldn’t say that I’m quiet, I enjoy going out and having a good time.

“But at the same time I do enjoy having my own space, and I also enjoy being in the company of other people, it’s just a matter of finding the right balance.

“I still have the same friends who I had before the band became big. I always call them and when I’m back home we meet up and go out together.

“My life has stayed pretty normal over the past couple of years. I’ve tried hard not to change too much.”

The Corrs in concert, Lansdowne Road, Saturday.

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