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A day in the life of the Corrs

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Part 1 :

Andrea : I suppose like most people, I woke up erm in the bed, eh in the bed (laughs)
Sharon : Off the bed
Jim : In her own bed for a change
A : I woke up today in the bed, it was good, it wasn’t a park bench, erm no erm yeah a typical day starts for all of us, we wake up or whatever, I didn’t get up at an early call this morning but erm then went for breakfast, and this is kinda weird cos we still go to breakfast together most of the time, erm…
J : We find the nearest park and we all go out and do Tai-Chi in the raising sun.
S : We don’t do Tai-Chi, it’s a complete lie.
C : Yeah Jim’s always making up stories, erm yeah we completely don’t do anything like that.
A : Yes and then get breakfast and then get ready for all this, make-up and hair and racks in my room with a lot of clothes
J : I am just very lucky as it seems like since I get out of bed in the morning I already look fantastic so…
C : You’re right
S :You’re right, you mermerize us.
J : One, two, three
All : Hi we’re the Corrs (laughs)
S :That’s the best when the other thinks they've gotten it
J : Inviting you on, inviting you on a
Interviewer : To share a day of our life
J : A day of our life, good, again one, two, three…
All : Hi, we’ re the Corrs
J : Inviting you to join us and share a day in our life erm * couac *
A : Coming up on Arena.
J : * couac, couac, couac, couac * (swearing) You guys can’t use it like that, or maybe you can, this is Australian !
Technician : We can’t use anything without the word * couac *.
S : * couac * Really ?
Assistant : Caroline, Sharon and Jim come with me, Andrea you just wait here.
A :Ok
Jim : It could be I suppose a typical day in the life of the Corrs in terms of when we’re promoting, like today for instance, we are trying to get as many interviews as we probably can, we’ll do as many TV shows as we possibly can.
Tar isteach mister cameraman. Tar isteach just means « come in » in Irish.
11.20am(Andrea on the phone)
A : It is, it is, hi, erm no I am in Sydney now
J : Do you guys fight ? What it’s like being on the road with your three sisters ? The other one that I would get asked is, do you find that you get a lot less attention because you’re in a band with three girls ? Those questions I get asked all the time, so we’ll see if any would pop up and if they do, that and a wink, thumbs up and a wink.
Brett Thomas : There’s got this deep criticism for In Blue by people who said that you are taking the sound a little bit away from the traditional Irish sounds of the past. And how do you react to that , or respond to that ?
C : If you come to our shows, you’ll see that it’s totally an integral part of the show, so it never felt like that although I agree that In Blue is definitely a much more pop record and that’s what we actually wanted to create.
A: We work very hard but it’s a very intensive career to choose, you know and you’ve got to grab on while it’s going and we love it you know, and then your adrenaline gets you through
Jim : You’re pretending to be on interview, this is April fool’s day
Assistant : Everyday is April fool’s day
S : There is a completely different battle now which is to maintain success erm which I think in some ways is harder
A : Music is your soundtrack to life and so i am glad to be part of that and I prefer that more than the bad sides of it which can sometimes be a bit infringing on your privacy
J (hums) : Can’t get it, can’t get it…
A : Really like a compilation of the singles on one hand and also two extra songs that we’ve written, that’s kinda gives a taste of what to come for the next album
Jim to Sharon : Check this ad.
First sale, complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes, excellent condition, 1000 pounds or nearest offer, no longer needed, got married, wife knows * couac * in everything
S : Oh dear !
J: Laugh !
C : I don’t like that, he doesn’t laugh at my jokes either
Photoshoot :
Photographer : Let’s do it, ok
S : Oh Jim stop it, it’s horrible
A and C : Stop !
P : Nasal’s spray please !
C : Quick
S : Domestos on a wire brush more like !
J : Thanks but I’ll never eat it
P : We got nice pictures
J : Cool
P : The light is beautiful, here we go
C : Here I go, HUUUH !
P : That’s it, thank you !
All : Ok thanks !!
Assistant (off) : Have you met the Corrs ?
S : I remember you from somewhere I think
Interviewer : yes in a restaurant
S : It was a coffee shop, wasn’t it ?
I : Erm kinda
A : Oh he’s off
C : Hi, heya
Assistant : Jim and...
C : Let’s go on, let’s go this way right here
J : Okidoki
Interviewer : In the group, who’s got the best athletic talent ? Anyone ?
J : Athletic talent ?
C : Athletic talent ?
J : Erm Caroline is probably the fittest of us all, she works out regularly. Andrea works fast, a lot…
C : We didn’t like, we’re not into things like, we all kinda do like stuff to keep fit and things like that but we don’t like going and we don’t have time to like going and have a tennis and things
A : We’ve always thought that you know if we got another video treatment that says : « And you’ll look beautiful », it’s you know, so what ?

Part 2 :

Interviewer : The criticism is that the marketing has sorta been exercised, I guess it implies that you’re in some sense a manufactured band.
C : Manufactured is put together, is when you know, you got a group of people that you put together, see you can’t manufacture a family, they’re already there ! ! ! (laughs)
I : Cos the last video has been this sort of pouty Corrs people are used to seeing and which obviously works but this one must be more comedies, must be kind of a break.
A : To be very honest with you, we’ re not really into the pouty Corrs sleek sheen thing and I don’t think we have ever done it properly anyway, it’s not quite like other people do, there’s always an element of gypsies there, trying to be something we’re not. You know, great lighting and you know smoke get on, this kind of atmosphere stuff you know, it’s fantasy and it’s good to have one or two of them but we’re really sick of it now. I think it’s about showing the real side to us because what’s the point in projecting you know this smoky, in your bedroom images that there never are.
C : And you kinda are in a different life, we’re all having a different life but as long as we keep in touch with people, and you go home and go out with friends and things like that. I mean it’s kind of hard you know, it’s kind of hard. Do you like that camera stuck on your face ? (laughs)
J : Ok if I got to grab the basis of this, one of the guys that works for us, Bob, has been, does complain a little bit let me say. And then when he finds that other people have to work and he doesn’t he really rubs it in with glee the fact that he doesn’t have to work. So he’s really sarcastic so we decided it was time to get Bob back. Suddenly this unscheduled interview with a big radio station suddenly just appeared out of nowhere and he got to go and get all requested instruments.
S: Have you got everything with you?
Bob: I have.
J: He needed to come from another hotel while we told him we tried to get a room ready here. We’ve got the management of the hotel in and they agreed. Basically they told Bob the hotel was full there’s no more rooms here but they’ve booked a room in another hotel, which is not a particularly nice hotel, so we have the room key which we’re all to present with him in a very short period of time and we would let him off to reckon, let him realise he’s been in a practical joke.
A: Hi.
Henry McGroggan: All, we’re gonna talk to Bob, get the number and all the equipment so he can get his stuff sorted out.
Crew guy: What are you talking about?
Henry McGroggan: for this afternoon session
Crew guy: session? What session?
Henry McGroggan: Poor old guy !!
Bob: No way !!
S: Gotcha !
Henry McGroggan: Bob, here is your room key
Bob: You know what, I was trying really hard to smile at anybody. I have to apologise to the woman downstairs
S: What did you give her names?
Bob: She said to me ‘King’s Cross’s great, night life time’, I go: ‘yeah on my own?’
Caroline Henry: All the crew really rehearsed it well maybe.
Bob: Should’ve got something was up, would you ever fuck off?
C: I think every interview is different
J: There is a tendency with the radio to be a little bit more flippant, a little bit on the surface in terms of the questioning, fast-paced, whereas TV gets a little bit more in-depth
C: but I think if you’re doing a radio I suppose you’re not thinking about how you look or anything like that, not that it is the most important thing but if it is visual on TV everybody has to carry themselves in a certain way
C: I cannot get launched sometimes, takes me forever.
Crew member: Can I give you a hand? For your make-up?
C: yeah thanks. Where’re they gone?
I: When the pressure’s on, though you’re on the road and you cannot get away, how do you deal with that, what do you do to cope?
J: I suppose you just try to take time out maybe by reading a book or watching a dvd or go to the cinema or have some partying which we have a tendency to do ourselves on occasions and you know anything that is a release which removes you from the intensive work that we have to do but if you think about this we love what we are doing, we know we are very lucky to be doing what we’re doing, in a sense we’ve made a job out of something that is down to that so we’re blessed.
Fan: I’ve been here about two hours waiting for the Corrs to arrive, I love the Corrs because of their fantastic music, it’s very Irish, very romantic and it sounds cool so they’re great to watch
S: Hello
Cameraman: Hola
C: Hi, how do you go
J: Hello
J: The main reason for any band to soundcheck is so that the audience get the best possible sound coming for this gig, coming from the PA (public address system), the second reason would for us to get a good sound in our own ears, we have these wireless in-ear systems so instead of having monitors on stage which cause a lot of spill, feedback into our microphones (J: My in-ear monitors), we just hear it in here. Obviously you need to hear your own particular instruments. It’s very important we all hear Caroline’s high hat, because that’s how we keep in time.
John Hughes: Let’s start talking as if we’re very busy here. Caroline, I need you quickly.
Caroline Henry: Hurry, John, right right right. Jesus.
John Hughes: Actually it is.
Caroline Henry: You take those two now.
John Hughes: those two now. I think what Australia has given us something in common between the whole crew is pleurisy.

Part 3 :

Photographer : can we use a wind machine on this, or that could upset you? Is that cool ? I know a wind machine is the most annoying thing, it’s ok Tom. He’s trained in LA, so he’s good at wind machines. We don’t want a tornado.
Just turn your body to be full front , yeah that’s great, ok Tom lower it slightly, here we go, one, two, three and…
J : Armani has approached us
A : It’s actually a deal the Rolling Stone have with Armani, it’s not really, there’re shooting a number of different artists apparently and all the artists wear Armani so...
C : Generally we wear what we want to wear but in this case if it’s an issue where they’re using Armani for a certain reason, what we’re doing if we like the clothes, we’ll wear them.
A: This actually looks like a band, it’s good.
Photographer: And this is propped together aswell.
Interviewer: And what about your having to be doing a video, what’s that?
S : We’re doing a video in Sidney for the new song.
I: Why did you choose to do it in Sydney?
S: Well it makes a lot of sense, we’re here and we love being here, it means it’s a great city and we’ve always had a great time here, it’s good fun. And also there’s a lot of sense not to leave, get loads of jetlag and then enter into a video. We do it before we get the jet lag afterwards.
C: Oh clothes ! yes i’d do like that on my row.
J: Alright, well I am gonna go to this site that I log on to quite a bit, it’s called and basically any information I don’t know about us, I find out from there.
Woman: Camel trousers but I think it was just an idea for colours
C: Ok
Man: Have a look at the green court jacket, it’s a really nice colour.
C: Ok
Woman: This is more yours but…
A: Here we go, just a try
Man: Do you like it, it works huh?
C: Yes I think I kinda like them, what do you think?
J: Hi guys, hope you’re all well. Today we’re in Sydney doing loads and loads of promotion for Australia, New-Zealand, we also did some clothes styling for the forthcoming video shoot which is also in Sydney for Would You Be Happier.
S: I know, tough stuff huh?
J: By the way, on a lighter note and you’ve heard it from me, my sister Andrea is definitely not pregnant. I don’t know where that came from. That’s all for now, take care, Jim.
C: I suppose that with those see-throughs, should wear nothing underneath. In a different video, yeah?
J: Anyway, that’s enough of that, I’m off for some dinner see ya !
A: you know of course when you start something and you embark on such an ambitious challenge as trying to be successful as a band around the world, your clock is erratic, everything which messes with your stomach and everything like that. But now it’s one of the greatest things we love on the road and it’s sampling the cuisines of the different areas that we go to.
Shaun Thomas: Tonight we’re happy to say that we’ve sold an excess of four million units of the Corrs in Australia which is fantastic and to put that into perspective I think there’s only about a dozen artists in Australia that achieved that much that is truly phenomenal. On behalf of all of us, congratulations well done and it’s great to have you back in the country.
S: I’d just like to say it’s always been an amazing experience for us in Australia and we look forward to coming back every time and we do and it’s been wonderful. You guys at the record company have just been amazing and all your support all along it’s been fabulous for us, thank you for working so hard. Thank you.
A: And this is truly a surprise
Woman: Programme, Sydney programme.
Man: The pictures are really good but maybe 25 bucks it’s too expensive but it’s worth the money definitely.
Man: I like the Celtic style, in their music, the Irish music is really… touches you in the heart.
Woman: We’re here because we’ve heard they’re good live, just the mix of instruments it’s great great music fusion.
J: Well we’re on in about 15-20 minutes, there’s a meet and greet coming up in 5 minutes and I’ve got the feeling this won't take time, looking forward to going up there. There is a point when you start to do a lot of pacing backstage.
C: We’re with competition winners, people who have you know got on a way to win a competition on the radio and they’re coming to see us. You know for them that’s great because they’re meeting people they really want to meet.
We do this before we go and do a show, so we’re kind of excited to do the show while we're always stuck in time. It isn’t ideal but it’s very important for us to do that.
J: Nice to meet you all here, have a great time.
J: We open the show with a song called Only When I Sleep.
A: We like to open with that because it’s very rock, edgy, it’s very, it just starts it, it has just a great impact I think to begin a show.

Part 4 :

A: Hello Sydney ! How are you feeling tonight?
J: Thank you very much good night !
A: Thank you very much Sydney, goodnight, thank you !
J: This has been wonderful and now we’re going into our cars.

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