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Interview MTV Espagne (14 mai 2004)

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Part 1

Interviewer : Caroline, Andrea, how are you feeling ?
Andrea: Good, thank you
Interviewer : Are you ok ?
Caroline : Yeah
I : Great, let’s talk about your new album
A : This one is, it’s quite optimistic, very optimistic, there’s a momentum that carries you through the whole way through of it and even though some of the topics are painful, it’s like still very expressive and uplifting.
I : The single is like a summer positive optimistic song, isn’t it ?
A : yeah I think musically it is, yeah it is musically very positive, lyrically it’s pretty sad but I suppose you only really write about what moves you and that more often that would be quite painful experience but yeah it’s about nostalgia and it’s about feeling that you have something special and that is not forever you know
I : Next question, let’s talk about the songs, for example, Time Enough For Tears written by Bono, tell me about this collaboration.
C : Well there was a movie that Jim Sheridan had done called In America and he had wanted to have in Gavin and Maurice Seezer, wanted to gather Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer and Bono to write a song for it and it was also their idea that Andrea would sing the song.
I Also songs like Goodbye, it’s a very special song for you
A : Yeah well Goodbye, Sharon wrote that and it’s about erm, it’s about the loss our mother really as in Angel, and i think you know in this album it’s probably different the way we’ve written about that time because we had the time to reflect on it and I suppose it’s definite she is not coming back so you know in a way it can be quite uplifting aswell but maybe that’s not really, maybe it’s just because we’re expressing it or really singing it and getting a lot better yeah.

Part 2

Andrea: You know, our gigs are all very much music orientated, quite raw, quite organic. Generally it's a great time. We're going into rehearsal, we'll have a week of rehearsal, we go into rehearsal once we've finished these promo days so I'll be able to tell you more about what it will be but, anyway we'll see and it'll be good.
Interviewer: Are you ready for the tour? Tell me about your baby, the new one and the old one !
Caroline: I know I know ! I can't believe how much things have happened in the last four years, how much my life has changed you know, I have a baby and I'm having another one, like what am I doing? You know, I am just making my life harder but... no it's great, it's nice to be able to do a little bit of work and also to have your family life aswell. So I mean I very much still want to do this. But it is difficult you know, I have a lot of things to juggle, I have a lot of things to think about but I still have a big passion for music, so I want to do it, you know.
Interviewer: let's talk your influences, what kind of music you listen to now?
Andrea: I listen to a lot of different things. I mean, growing up I listened to Prince all the time but Prince and I do see him as an influence because definitely I'd see him as the greatest pop writer ever, I mean, brilliant songs, brilliant lyrics and really catchy really amazing melodies, it's not an easy feat so you know I absolutely admired him and I would see him as an influence.

Caroline and Andrea: Hi we're the Corrs.
Andrea: You're watching Select MTV. Stay tuned for our new single Summer Sunshine.

Transcription, translation and captures: GaëlleF

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