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CNN - WorldBeat Interview (Mars 1999)

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From Brooke Alexander
CNN WorldBeat Correspondent

Alexander Now Ireland may not be able to boast too many members of the Rock N' Roll Hall Of fame but it has given us St Paddy's Day and The Corrs.

[I know my love]

Jim: We've a deep love for music, first of all. We get fantastic satisfaction from the job that we're in, and for people to like us to the extent that we do is just -- it's one hell of a bonus. We're just thrilled with it.

[Only when I sleep]

Caroline: In our hometown, we had a small bedroom studio and, like, an eight-track studio around the corner from our family house. And we used to plod around there every day, and we used to record.

Sharon: Bringing back nightmares.

Caroline: And it was great for us. In a sense, it gave us a lot of experience within the studio, and I think it also got us ready for -- if -- to have some material, at least to have -- to give to a record company when the time came.

[When he's not around (live)]

Alexander: What were your musical influences growing up in Dundalk?

Andrea: We listened to a lot of music, and our parents were musicians. So it was always very, very melodic, and harmonies were a very big thing in our house. And stuff like the Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, and, you know, and then growing up, the Police, Sting, Genesis. Right across the board, really, it's hard to pin down, but it was always pretty melodic.

[What can I do]

Sharon: To be honest, "Talk on Corners" was a very difficult album to make. So there were loads of doubts cast here or there, whether it was good enough or whether it was the right direction. This time, it's lovely that on the remix album we got "Runaway" back on, because that was always a song that we felt that was lost.


Alexander: Sharon, how did you use your music to react to the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland?

Sharon: We felt totally helpless, because here are we, you know, jet-setting around the world, way off on a flight to sunny Marbella. People's lives have just been ruined in an instant in our country. The more we thought about it, we felt we really wanted to do something about it, and we put a program together and including a lot of other artists like U2. We had Paul Brady and a lot of other people on it. And the audience was made up of Omagh victims. And it was an absolutely wonderful night, I mean, absolutely wonderful experience. It was very emotional backstage.

[Joy of life live]

Alexander: So tell me, what was it like to work with the Stones?

Jim: It certainly was a daunting task to actually open up for them because of the story we heard about Meredith Brooks, she had got things thrown at her. But the audience with us were great.

Sharon: I know sometimes I myself would tend to get a bit kind of, 'Oh, my God, he's a huge star, I can't speak,' you know? And -- but with the Stones, they're just kind of really cool, and they just kind of, you know, hang out all day long, and they're -- they were really nice, and really, really friendly towards us.

[I know my love]

Andrea: It was a brilliant experience working with the Chieftains. I mean, they are legendary in traditional Irish music all over the world, and for us to -- with our blend of music being pop rock with a hint of traditional Irish, it was really flattering that the Chieftains wanted us to play and -- with them for their album that's "Tears of Stone."

Sharon: One of our biggest breaks was -- our turning point, more so than breaks, was playing the Albert Hall last year on St. Patrick's Day. That's really what, I suppose, was the catalyst for breaking England.

Alexander: Caroline, as a drummer, what was it like to work with Mick Fleetwood?

Caroline: For me, personally, as a drummer, this is a dream come true. I mean, this guy was beside me playing, and it worked brilliantly. So he was great. He was a great guy, still is.

[Brit awards 99]

Andrea: This year has been fantastic. We got a Brit award, and that was phenomenal, because Britain was a big challenge for us. Then another ceremony was the Amigo Awards in Spain. And Spain is so fantastic, because it's really strange to be a foreign language and to have such success in that country.

Jim: We're very confident that this is going in the same direction that the U.K. and the rest of the world has gone.

Andrea: We hope so. We're just having a good time, anyway.

Sharon: Jim, you're going to jinx us.

Andrea: In the meantime, we just try and keep...

Caroline: Yes, we wait and see, you know, and if it does, you know, hopefully, it goes well for us, then that the all -- the people like it. Really, that's what's important.

Jim: Well, as I was saying, I'm confident.

[I never loved you anyway]


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