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Late Late Show (11 novembre 2005)

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Pat Kenny: it happened to the Beatles in 1965, but it hasn’t happened since that a musical quartet was awarded an MBE, but this particularly fab four is Irish and that makes it another first, they sold 30 millions albums worldwide, they’re to be heard on pop radio all over the planet but the new album marks a return to their roots, it’s called simply Home. With my Lagan Love, will you welcome please the Corrs.

Pat Kenny : Hi, Andrea, you’re very welcome, good to see you.
Andrea: Thanks.
Pat: And Sharon
Sharon: Hi Pat
Pat: Congratulations on a couple of fronts. Caroline, how are you? Jim, please make yourselves at home there. A busy week for you guys. An MBE collectively, well you get one each of course. When did you get the news that this is gonna happen?
Sharon: we were actually called in May. We were asked if we would accept it, so we were offered back in May. And then we were told to keep it really quiet so, almost by the time it came to last week, we kept it so quiet, we’d almost forgotten. Yeah it was quite surprising you know to be offered such an honour from another country, it was really really lovely.
Pat: have there any grudges out there saying, this is coming from the Queen and you come from a border situation, you know, south of the border, anyone?
Caroline: no.
Pat: cavilling it all about it?
Caroline: no. Not to our faces anyway but we’ve got nothing but a good response to this, you know, I mean in a sense you know, it’s really, with the reasons we’ve got it, it’s because of our contribution to music in England and that’s all we’ve done.
Jim: Charity work aswell.
Caroline: yeah our charity work aswell, so I mean for those reasons, it makes perfect sense to us, you know. It’s an honour for us, it’s a nice thing.
Pat: what do you do with an MBE then, Jim?
Jim: I don’t know really. You can get married in St Paul’s cathedral I think, well two of us can, both myself and Andrea, not together. These two are already are. That’s about it I think, beyond that I dunno.
Pat: it’s a recognition of your charity work and your musical success. 30 million albums all around the world and I have been told 1 million albums in Ireland, there is one other outfit that had done that, that’s U2. That tells any of those who cavil about you where to go, puts it in a context. Good news aswell for you Sharon.
Sharon: yeah I am pregnant.
Pat: when are you due?
Sharon: I’m due spring.
Pat: Due spring ok. And you’ve already got two children.
Caroline: I’ve two, yeah.
Pat: with all these kids, is it gonna be difficult to hold the whole thing together? Or it would be just a duo, Jim and Andrea touring the world?
Sharon: I mean it’s obviously, it certainly will change the way we do things but you know when Caroline was pregnant last year, she did tour up til seven months which is a pretty amazing achievement for a pregnant woman I think to be touring Europe and actually playing the drums so, it is very much to do but it’s just that you have to very much choose how you do your travelling and how often you do it so…I don’t think we’ll be dragging them out on the road though, I think that’s just too much for kids, I think they need more security than that.
Pat: it may though put a stop collectively to your gallop, do you see like the end somewhere down the road for the Corrs collectively?
Sharon: I don’t really see an end, life’s full of little beginnings for us all of the time, that’s something my father says an awful lot. I think people could have seen the end nine years ago but we kept on going on and recording albums. For us it’s only about music so as long as there’s a love of music, there will always be a new beginning.
Pat: and new things to do. I mean this particular album Andrea, and the songs, I mean if you told someone five years ago that we’d have you on the Late Late Show singing my Lagan Love, they would have said, don’t be ridiculous ! where do these songs come from?
Andrea: well obviously we’ve always blended traditional Irish music with pop, essentially pop rock songs.
Pat: there has always been a bit of a session in the middle of your sets anyway.
Andrea: there always is, yes. But this is what we’ve been inspired to write, it’s these songs, it’s this music that our parents played and actually we did find them in our mother’s songbook, actually written in her own hand and everything, so you know there was something that felt like a cyclical thing about it, and you know, going the whole circle back to the beginning really.
Pat: does this mark a kind of a watershed Jim, like you’re going to be entirely different the next time round?
Jim: Possibly, this has gone very very well and I think first and foremost we actually loved doing it ourselves. It was great and very refreshing for us to try and put our own individual slant on songs that had been done before. So who knows, I am sure we can well be doing this again we’ll see.
Andrea: part two.
Jim: part two yeah.
Pat: Jim and Andrea were on a radio programme, we were getting emails from all over Europe saying ‘I love Irish music, I love the Corrs, now putting the two together has been a dream come true,’ from people in Italy and Slovenia and places like that. Speaking of travel, your hubby is in the paper these days Sharon.
Sharon: God it’s so funny, I opened the paper yesterday and there’s my husband there, which is an usual role reversal for us but he’s actually over with the Niall Mellon Township Challenge, so he’s building there.
There are seven hundred over this week, so Gavin is labouring again and I mean he loves it, it really gives you a terrific sense of giving something back.
Pat: He’s a lawyer, isn’t he?
Sharon: He’s a lawyer yeah.
Pat: so he’s giving the legal profession a good rep for a change.
Sharon: He’s rid of the academic side, he’s literally just labouring, which is actually good for everybody to do something totally different and also to give so much to people who have so little.
Pat: Andrea, you are in movies and all that, what’s the latest project?
Andrea: it’s a film directed by Mahesh Mathai who did Bhophal Express he’s Indian, lovely lovely man, with Linus Roache, Saffron Burrows, it’s called right now The Thread but I think they might be changing that.
Pat: what part do you play?
Andrea: it’s a supernatural thriller. I play a girl.
Pat: Thanks.
Andrea: Typecasting you know, it’s quite a mysterious film so if I kind of reveal myself, my own role within it, I kinda give away the plot, so it’s quite dark.
Pat: when do we see it?
Andrea: Hopefully next year, I mean they’re editing and doing all the post production now. We’ve only just finished it.
Pat: There is now a chronicle out of your life Jim, a whole record of where you began.
Jim: There is indeed, it’s a documentary that was shot by a guy called Ciaran Tanham who travelled around the world with us for about ten years so. It’s some very funny moments and some very sad moments in it aswell and it’s finishing with us receiving the MBE so it’s certainly worth watching.
Andrea: it’s very embracing actually, it goes from the very beginning when we were like dancing, rehearsing in front of these mirrors, so we’re about to go on our first tv show, so we’re trying to look right in front of the tv to make sure we look right and it’s just hilarious.
Pat: I am looking forward to seeing it. It does sound like it is the end of, not even chapter 1 but chapter 6 or 7, so let’s see what chapter 8 has to bring for the Corrs. Jim and Caroline and Sharon and Andrea, thank you very much for being with us tonight.

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