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Andrea à l'émission 'So Graham Norton'

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Graham: I must quickly see...I must quickly see if there's a treat inside my apple, lets see...ohh uhh there we go..ohh what's this? why thats not an apple core it's Andrea Corr! Andrea Corr is here!
Graham: Oh dear , i'm exhausted,thankyou so much for coming.
Andrea: Ahh thankyou
Graham: Now I have to say, reading the briefs, it was like i was doing a school essay, compare and contrast, cos Cher you are very 'rock n roll'.
Cher: Yes
Graham: The Corrs aren't that 'rock n roll' are they ,do you think you encourage that kind of sort of 'squeeky clean' image and things?
Andrea: Well I think we should, I think we'd like to
Graham: good!
Andrea: that's a joke!
Graham: right....oh right! no it's just *laughs* if only life were that simple...I'm squeaking...its a joke! And another story that reminded me of the Corrs was ehh, before you were Sonny & Cher and you were Cesar & Cleo.
Cher: Yes
Graham: you had some pretty grim gigs back then didn't you
Cher: Yes
Graham: what was it? Ice rinks?
Cher: Yes, roller skating rinks and umm, horrible horrible gigs just teent little ...15 people would be there and they would not like us and it would be just be miserable yeah
Graham: Yeah 15's ok if you do well
Cher: right right
Graham: Cos you had some, I mean what's the story of San Diego one where you were....
Andrea: Yea, our first umm we did this gig and the record company invited all radio people to come and y'know with the bribary was lotsa alcohol which was fine but emm we went on a bit late so theye'd consumed an aweful lot of alcohol and we played to emm a very mild response and but it it kinda got better at the end we got off stage and sharon emm... I got into the room first but I just remember Sharon coming into the dressing room, we'd just gone off and we were kinda depressed goin that was really aweful and Sharon comes in goin...some guy just puked on me *laughs* she was puked on...then after that right, we got back into the van and these emm were uh were about to go pulling off but then emm I see these people are coming towards the van and umm I recognised from the gig, I recognised this like skin head girl from the gig and this stuff so they're comin' towards and I'm kinda goin oh they were at the gig go on wave out y'know, they might be fans or something, let's wave out, so they're coming over and everybodys like kinda waving at the fans and they start kicking the car!....get outta here!!
Graham: the tour...the tour, i've got some of the merchandise from the tour and well the clues are there i got the lovely The Corrs...this is what you get when you go to a Corrs concert...and the official sponsor of the corrs tour is Ballygowan...natural sring water...great night out and went home with lovely skin *laughs* I mean do you choose all the merchandising?
Andrea: emm merchandising, some of it we have a look at, not really, I mean we choose our sponsors of course, yeah.
Graham: Ballygowan, very good, we love ballygowan, nothing wrong with it at all! and if they want to send me some free that'd be great! * laughs* Cos i've spent rather a lot of money on eyes recently. Now emm, no cos,it's things like, it's things like, this is official merchandise it's got , this is a Corrs insence holder, see and, oh god there's insence in it *sniffs* ohhh The Cors *laughs* ...theres a lovely plug in Corrs room freshner
Andrea: Wow I didn't see that before to be honest!
Graham: oh that's brilliant oh the room smells lovely *sniffs* it's the corrs! *laughs* that a lilting rish pop group your cooking... ohh it's lovely
Andrea: I think i'm gonna take more care in future!
Graham: but you have've sold is it 22 million albums? that's phenomenal!
Andrea: Yeah our merchandising hasn't done that well though unfortunately!
Graham: have a word!
Andrea: I know!! *laughs*
Graham: I love the album but.... very quickly cos we've gotta move on, obviously you can play the tin whistle can't you?
Andrea: yes but yeah
Graham: you can!?
Andrea: of course!
Graham: I mean that's what you play, you play the penny whistle
Andrea: yes
Graham: now would you give us a little snatch of penny whistle?
Andrea: oh ok
Graham: I've got a penny whistle...I say penny whistle emm
Andrea: Oh dear!!
Graham: It's probably more properly described as a penile whistle
Andrea: NO!!!
Graham: no, I cant ask you to play it
Andrea: thankyou
Graham: no but I could blow it, are you any good at fingering?
Cher: there's glitter all over it
Graham: its a showbiz c*ck
Andrea: oh!
Graham: actually iv'e no idea why its covered in glitter, off my suit, I don't know. emm ok ok, I cover all of these yes..ok
Andrea: yeah and.....don't blow so hard...kind of....
Graham: alright
Andrea: control it
Graham: control it ...ok
Andrea: Better!!!

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