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Sharon à Almost Live (1ère partie)

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Patrick Kielty: Possibly time to crack on, Andy so tell us who is the first guest tonight.
Le speaker: Patrick our first guest tonight is not only a member of the sexiest family in pop, she’s also a world class fiddler, she has fiddled with the Rolling Stones, she has fiddled with Pavarotti but occasionally she likes to fiddle solo, it sounds a bit like you Patrick.
Patrick Kielty: Leave it. Lady and gentlemen give it up for the beautiful yet talented Sharon Corr!

Patrick Kielty: How are you?
Sharon: I’m good
Patrick Kielty: you are?
Sharon: yes
Patrick Kielty: have a seat! It’s good to have you here.
Sharon: thank you
Patrick Kielty: it’s nice that you decided to pick the one where we end up in the whiskey distillery, coz’ you live in Belfast.
Sharon: Well, I live in Dublin.
Patrick Kielty: As well
Sharon: As well
Patrick Kielty: yes, 2 houses, very rich (laughs) and we do the shoot in Belfast every week.
Sharon: I know
Patrick Kielty: And Sharon says “I’m sorry, I can’t do the show in Belfast” pick the whiskey distillery hundred miles down the road, suddenly Sharon Corr’s available.
Sharon: do you wonder why?
Patrick Kielty: What’s the thing that is?
Sharon: Might be the drink
Patrick Kielty: Possibly a drink, did you not be off to play at the white house for some president?
Sharon: Errm, no, we’ve just decided to give that a miss this year, he’s a bit busy
Patrick Kielty: is that right? Coz’ I kinda think that in St Patrick’s day it usually is the law that The Corrs go off and play for some president hand him a ball of weed and stuff
Sharon: We normally do that, yeah, but this year I just think he got others things in his mind.
Patrick Kielty: I think that if the Corrs turned up and he might cancel a war and (…)
Sharon: If it works I’ll do that
Patrick Kielty: Seriously? Will you do it?
Sharon: I will
Patrick Kielty: So Sharon and the rest of The Corrs, you’re gonna go to the white house
Sharon: and stop the war
Patrick Kielty: and distract Bush, so to speak.
Sharon: How do you suggest we do that?
Patrick Kielty: I have no idea, maybe you can fiddle for him.
Sharon: I could (laughs)

Patrick Kielty: you played for presidents, you played for the pope, and you played for the queen, and now you’re here.
Sharon: I know, this is the highlight… will you buy me a drink later then?
Patrick Kielty: are you asking?
Sharon: I’m asking
Patrick Kielty: Are you dancing?
Sharon: I’m dancing
Patrick Kielty: Fantastic! I’m in there with one of the Corrs… So, you’re in studio at the moment are you?
Sharon: yeah, working on the next album.
Patrick Kielty: And what is that coming along?
Sharon: really well, really good, we’ve been writing for the last six months or so, it’s gone really well.
Patrick Kielty: And Caroline! How does it work cos Caroline now has a little baby.
Sharon: yeah she has, little Jake.
Patrick Kielty: Did she bring him in?
Sharon: no, she’s just gone to New York instead
Patrick Kielty: oh is she? Cos I kinda assumed that Caroline would be in there like drumming with one hand like the guy from Def Leppard , and breast feeding with the other
Sharon: we actually tried to have her drumming when she was by 8 and half months and we’ve just thought “oh this could be quite cruel for the baby” so we told her we would give her a rest.
Patrick Kielty: …. Behind.
Sharon: It was a bit difficult, there was a big distance between her and the snare drums so we sort of gave it up in that way
Patrick Kielty: She’s got a few days off.
Sharon: she has!

Patrick Kielty: And what I love is that I actually know you, right? But now we are on a chat show and I can ask you stuff that I normally can’t ask everybody when we’re having a drink. So when you’re in studio then, who writes the stuff? What way is it working?
Sharon: We all do, we all write, we used to sort of write separately, so Caroline and Andrea write a lot together, Jim and Andrea write together, I would generally write on my own although I’ve been writing with Jim for the last few weeks.
Patrick Kielty: Why is that Sharon? Why do you write on your own? do they not like you?
Sharon: yeah, they don’t really like me. They like to keep their hand on the steering wheel. They say I smell… Why did I say that?! Why did I say that?!
Patrick Kielty: I don’t know why you said it but it sounds good to me. I doubt you ever smell. Do you fart? No?
Sharon: Nooooo, girls don’t do that!
Patrick Kielty: That’s what some now that’s worth asking. Do the Corrs actually fart?
Sharon: No, No …
Patrick Kielty: So it’s just one big happy family then.
Sharon: it is, lovely, very nice

Patrick Kielty: You’re doing your own stuff now, you’re kinda off doing a little bits and pieces, Andrea is off doing a movie…
Sharon: yeah!
Patrick Kielty: Get this folks! You’re kind of up for an oscar later this week, are you?
Sharon: well, yeah, a little bit in a way
Patrick Kielty: kind of!
Sharon: yeah, well I played on the track that U2 recorded for “gangs of New York” so I played violin on that track.
Patrick Kielty: and how this had happened, does Bono just sort of ring you up?
Sharon: yeah he did literally, he said “I would love you to play on the track”, I was a bit shocked, I really was, and I said “Ok, so send me the tape, I’ll have a listen to it and see what I can come up with” he said “well no we’re kind of in a hurry, so I need you to do it now” so ten minutes later, I was in U2’s studio playing violin on a track that I’d never heard before.
Patrick Kielty: So he rang up with a ten minute’s notice.
Sharon: yeah, well half an hour I think he gave me.
Patrick Kielty: so what happened? Have they not planned to put a fiddle on it? Or were you second choice or what?
Sharon: they… no, they… they.. (laughs)
Patrick Kielty: I’m just asking!
Sharon: they had been working the tune, I think, they needed it for a scene in the movie where New York sort of rises from the ground. And they needed something very special, to sort of lead into the song, and they needed something quite Irish.
Patrick Kielty: so Bono just said and gone “I need something special for this, man! who is special that I know? Sharon Corr!”. Is that the way it worked?
Sharon: yeah!
Patrick Kielty: So you just went in and did it
Sharon: I went in and did it, I was a wee bit nerve-wracking I must say. It was quite of like “Oh my I can’t believe I’m doing this!” but we did it and it sounds great, it’s really good.
Patrick Kielty: And are you gonna go to The Oscars?
Sharon: No
Patrick Kielty: He hasn’t invited you?
Sharon: No (Ohhhhhh)
Patrick Kielty: He calls you with ten minute’s notice, right? you go in and you played the track, he’s nominated for an oscar, and he’s off now going to get his oscar next week and Sharon Corr is sitting back in Ireland, if you watch us Bono “you bastard ” (laughs) that’s what I say! Now I think it’s probably a good idea you’re not there.
Sharon: Do you? Why?
Patrick Kielty: Colin Farrell’s going.
Sharon: I’ve met him too.
Patrick Kielty: have you met him?
Sharon: yeah, he’s nice
Patrick Kielty: Is he?
Sharon: he’s a nice guy.
Patrick Kielty: is he as George Best on viagra as people say?
Sharon: I do not know, I’ve not sort of meet him in that way.
Patrick Kielty: ok, so obviously, you’re a happily married woman now.
Sharon: yes
Patrick Kielty: and how is that working for you?
Sharon: (look to Gavin) very good
Patrick Kielty: is it good?
Sharon: great yeah
Patrick Kielty: and you’ve been together now for what?
Sharon: I think almost 8 years now.
Patrick Kielty: Almost 8 years, and is it true that you’ve said that you would have been married in 8 days if your career ?
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: isn’t that lovely? He’s a barrister, is that right?
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: isn’t that a bit boring for someone like you? i can imagine you with somebody like a rock star or a comedian of the telly
Sharon: (laughs) well, I thought about that, I thought about that
Patrick Kielty: yeah? He’s here tonight, is he?
Sharon: he is, he is.
Patrick Kielty: there he is in the front row, that’s Sharon’s husband. Look folks! This man managed a land himself a Corr. Look at that hey! There is hope for us all! So you’re married.
Sharon: yes
Patrick Kielty: and Caroline is married, so there is only two of you left on the market.
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: Do you think if a play my cards right, you could put a word in with Jim for me.
Sharon: Definitely! He has always liked you
Patrick Kielty: has he? Seriously?
Sharon: yeah he talks about you all the time.
Patrick Kielty: I don’t know I wasn’t considering that but in a funny way
Sharon: … He’s very attractive.
Patrick Kielty: it still means I can get in on with a Corr
Sharon: you could, you could!
Patrick Kielty: I’m genuinely not fussy (laughs), I am not ! is it true that an interviewer once asked you: where you guys met?
Sharon: yeah, and I said “In the womb”
Patrick Kielty: yeah? Now who was that?
Sharon: ooooouh
Patrick Kielty: I kind of think I know.
Sharon: well somebody has been branded with it actually. You do know!
Patrick Kielty: is it true?
Sharon: I’m not saying
Patrick Kielty: can I whisper it? Can I whisper the thing it is? Donna Air!
Sharon: (laughs) I’m not saying
Patrick Kielty: Alright ok... true?
Sharon: huh?
Patrick Kielty: true? maybe
Sharon: perhaps
Patrick Kielty: Sharon have another drink!
Sharon: perhaps, get me drunk.
Patrick Kielty: true?
Sharon: no

Patrick Kielty: so let’s talk about the whole sex symbol thing then.
Sharon: what?
Patrick Kielty: well, you know, you get a bit fed up with the whole beautiful Corrs “we are the beautiful Corrs”
Sharon: no, I thought that was really funny, I thought that was hilarious
Patrick Kielty: do you?
Sharon: yeah, I really did
Patrick Kielty: do you not consider yourselves beautiful?
Sharon: I mean I don’t kind of go around, I don’t wake up in the morning and go “hi gorgeous”
Patrick Kielty: that because you are not sleeping with me!
Sharon: yeah! (laughs)
Patrick Kielty: But... but ... Andrea was voted what? the best looking woman in the world
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: and you’re not exactly one of the ugly sisters, are you really?
Sharon: she finds that really really strange as well, I mean, she kind of… she’s not looking at herself that way at all, it’s a compliment.
Patrick Kielty: it is! Do you think people in Dundalk are chuffed you know that some of the most beautiful women in the world come from Dundalk. Tell the people! There are people who are watching the show that don’t know what type of place Dundalk is!
Sharon: Dundalk is a wonderful town, it’s a great town.
Patrick Kielty: Sharon! Catch… Sharon! Catch yourself on.
Sharon: what?
Patrick Kielty: come on, it’s not exactly Monaco, is it?
Sharon: well no! it’s not Monaco, but it is… it is very special to me.
Patrick Kielty: is it special?
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: I actually, I did a gig one night in Dundalk
Sharon: oh in the Town Hall
Patrick Kielty: in the Town Hall, and I did a joke about you.
Sharon: And it went down like a bomb
Patrick Kielty: It went down… I could actually hear the key locking at the back of the room, see it was like the CorrKluxKlan I thought I was genuinely gonna be lynched. I gotta ask you about the whole image thing, right? About The Corrs, because The Corrs have a clean-cut image, and I’ve got a theory that the more clean cut you are
Sharon: really the worse you are
Patrick Kielty: is that true?
Sharon: well we have this thing to call ourselves rotten to the corr you know
Patrick Kielty: and now you are rotten to the corr?
Sharon: no, you know what we’re like
Patrick Kielty: I do know what you’re like, I think you possibly are
Sharon: We are not this squeaky clean as it comes across
Patrick Kielty: Andrea reckons that The Corrs could drink Liam or Noel Gallagher
Sharon: absolutely! Without a doubt
Patrick Kielty: yeah?
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: this is all what we want to hear! Down that camera, challenge down camera 5 and just tell them “Liam and Noel we will drink you under the table, you poofs” just start out, go on!
Sharon: that camera?
Patrick Kielty: “Liam and Noel we will have you, you poofs!”
Sharon: Liam and Noel we will have you, you poofs!
Patrick Kielty: we could talk all night, we have done in the past we will do it again over few drinks, let’s get drunk tonight.
Sharon: yeah
Patrick Kielty: Give it up for Miss Sharon Corr!
Sharon: ouuuuh
Patrick Kielty: It’s alright !

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