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le 18 Mai 1999 Source: Corrboard
"Thanks so much everybody for your Birthday greetings,It means a lot to me! Jim has shown me the site and I got to read the Messages!Thank you very much for all your support!


le 18 Mars 2005 (14:37:52) Source: Corrboard
""Thank you"

Thank you all so much for your lovely birthday greetings, we had a great day yesterday, hope you all did also, work on this new album is going great, we're enjoying it a lot, hope you all like it when it's released,

Take care,
Love Caroline x"

le 29 Mars 2005 (14:02:42) Source: Corrboard
""Thank you"

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday, got some great presents, including `Jimmy Choo`s - my favourite ! The albums going very well, we are really enjoying making it! we think you`ll really like it.

Take care all of you,
Sharon x "

le 02 juin 2004, Source: Message sur le site officiel
"Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven't been in touch in a while. Things have been extremely busy as you can imagine. We're here in Cologne in Germany doing promotion and are due to head back 2 Ireland tomorrow to continue rehearsals 4 the forthcoming tour.

We are off to a GREAT start with this new album as you know from our post earlier and we're VERY happy and excited. No.1 in the UK and Ireland and No.3 in Germany in the midweek charts, this should rise in Germany due to all the promo we've done. The actual chart will be available this weekend. We can only hope that the positions will hold. You have all contributed to making this success possible and we thank you again!

We are so looking forward to the live show and I can't tell you how great everything is sounding especially with the 2 new guys Jason Duffy (drums/percussion) and Kieran Kiely (keyboards/guitar and accordian). We are trying out lots of ideas to make it a special show. It's great to have so many songs to choose from at this stage, you can only imagine how difficult it was touring on the back of one album after "FNF" was released. We're looking forward 2 the 1st show on the 19th in Bonn. Caroline is getting bigger everyday and will continue with us 4 as long as she can and then will take a break so she can give birth to her new baby. We are going to continue touring and are currently putting together a more comprehensive tour so we can hopefully get 2 all 4 corners of the world.

We shoot the video 4 the next single "Angel" on the 12th in Ireland, it will be in a beautiful setting and will be based around a performance video. I thank you for your input in terms of the pole of the best songs on the album and am glad to see that "Angel" is right up there as one of the most popular songs. "Long Night" which was right up there as well will be single No.3!

We've recorded a few acoustic performances of the latest songs etc at various showcases and I hope we can post these on the website 4 u all to upload soon!

Talk to you all soon,
Take care,

le 28 Décembre 2004 (15:59:43) Source: Corrboard
""Hi Guys"

A very merry Christmas to all. We had a lovely Chrismas day (white I might add) with Sharon, Gavin, Andrea and dad but not Caroline as she was busy doing Christmas with her new and growing family . It's great to have had a break but we are really looking forward to starting the new album in mid January,

Take care,
Jim. "

le 28 Décembre 2004 (15:54:55) Source: Corrboard
"My Coat" (en référence au manteau qu'il portait à Ischgl)

I ran into a Zara shop in Cannes recently, it was quite cold there so needed something to keep warm, saw a guy trying this coat on and I said "I'll have that"

le 12 août 2005 (23:05:02) Source: Corrboard
""Hi Guys"

Hello everyone,

A belated thank you for all your kind birthday greetings. Can't believe I'm 41years young already

We're so looking forward to the release of our new album "Home". We put a huge amount of work into it and anyone we play it to loves it. I hope you all will feel the same. As I may have said before it's quite a departure as it consists totally of beautiful, mostly Irish cover songs. We;ve really gone back to our roots on this one as a lot of the songs on it we would have heard our parents perform years ago! We're also looking forward to starting the promotion for it which will commence late August. We hope to get to see you over the coming year while we're doing this...

Bye for now...
Take care,
Jim. "

Le 24/07/2005 à 16:35 par coralia

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