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BH Tour: Concerts en Grande-Bretagne / Concerts in UK

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After a well deserved break, I'm on the road again for the UK leg of the Borrowed Heaven tour. It starts in Newcastle, a good place for me to begin with.

Newcastle, 1st November 2004

I arrive quite early, because I don't want to miss the band going to the rehearsals. The Metro Radio Arena is close by the city center so no difficulties to get there.

I meet Lisa there. I'll see her after that daily for all the concerts. The Corrs arrive in a coach with dark glasses. it seems that they are not using their rented private jet anymore (at least for the concerts in UK). We get a greeting from Sharon when she sees us.
Now, time to concentrate for the concert. First, let me tell you that the concept of a pop concert in UK is slightly different from continental Europe. There's no standing area on the floor. It's all seated. Nevertheless, you are allowed to stand up. Obviously, this situation has some disadvantages, but some advantages too. For example, you can arrive to the venue without any hurry (as your seat is reserved). You can enjoy a drink with friends and meet other fans.
After a drink, I enter the hall earlier because I wanna see Myslovitz (the support act). I like it and I even have their debut album. It's funny to see Keith Duffy walking around the stage without anyone noticing it. The polish band takes the stage around 8 p.m.. They have changed some songs in their seitlist. Moreover, they don't play the cover of Joe Dassin like they used to do in France, but instead, they cover Black's "Wonderful Life" in a very nice and rocky way.
Finally, the wait is over: the Corrs are there. It was predictable, the audience is not that great. However, the Corrs deliver us a very good performance (as usual).

By "Dreams", people begun to participate it (the original version is quite popular in the region). At that moment, Andrea gives us her usual speech. She says how much they like Myslovitz (she'll say the same at every gig after that). During "Borrowed Heaven", she misses some lyrics and stays quiet with only Jim to break the silence by saying "oups!". He gives me some smile when he sees my swiss flag. Like always, I shout "Come on Sharon" just before "No Frontiers" bringing a smile on her face. It's my first "Old Town" in concert ("Old Town" has replaced "When The Star Go Blue" at some stage in the German leg of the tour). Sharon's violin on it is sumptuous and Andrea looks so happy dancing and jumping everywhere and still managing to sing.

Then, comes eventually "Goodbye". A moment full of emotion in that special place for them. They finish with their traditional "Toss The Feathers" with Andrea and Jim being funny and playing with each other.

After an emotional night, I finish this long day with my new friends in a bar in the Quayside where we hang our flags.

Video of Andrea's speech
End of Old Town

Glasgow, 2 November 2004

The next day, time for hard work again! I take a coach to Glasgow. The trip is not very good, I end up there quite late (around 6 p.m.). The S.E.C.C. of Glasgow is not exactly in the city, so I have to take a train to get there.

I'm on time for Myslovitz. The audience is terrible. The lead singer has to say "Thank You" after each song before we hear some people clapping. Some of the first rows are empty, so I move forward and sit with my Scottish friends that I met yesterday. I meet up with the others as well.

We hear the intro of "Baby Be Brave" and the lights are switched off. The concert has started. Unfortunately, not for the crowd. We are only a few people standing up and clapping. Nevertheless, Andrea says in her lecture that the band is happy to be back in Glasgow in front of a such a big audience. The last time was when they were the support act for Céline Dion. For the beginning of this UK tour, Sharon is wearing like yesterday in Newcastle, some beautiful sexy clothes with a transparent cloth covering the legs. Andrea has her usual long black gothic dress.

Slowly, the crowd is wakening up. Some people stand up with us for the up lifting songs like "Radio" (where Andrea does a mistake in the second verse). For "So Young", when Andrea goes next to Sharon, she turns her back to the audience and starts making funny faces to Sharon when she has to sing. The poor Sharon will start laughing and she'll miss her part.

During the violin part, Andrea and Jim will dance together in a synchronized way (doing an Irish jig?). The end is near, so we manage to get to the front row. For "I Never Loved You Anyway", when Andrea introduces Kieran Kiely, Anto Drennan lights him with a torch. Den gives a scottish hat to Jim. He'll wear it for the rest of the concert.

For the end, I jump and move my flag vehemently to be sure that the Corrs have seen it. I get smiles from Keith and Jim. At the end of the show, Jim will throw his spectrum at me. I'll even get a seitlist afterwards. The band thanks us and leaves the stage

We all get together to share our impressions.

We all start walking to the nearest pub to freshen up after all these emotions. I hang in my flag as usual. We'll spend the rest of the night talking and seeing each other pictures.

Video of Andrea's speech
Beginning of Old Town

To be continued...

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